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Nov 14, 2006 12:24 AM

De-glazing with wine-Red or White?

A recent recipe used white wine to de-glaze a pan after cooking in it. I only have red.

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  1. Red would work but if it's a light colored dish, it'll leave it purple or some other darker color. Plus, depending on the wine, it could be strong for the dish.

    1. I hadn't bothered to think about color. That is very important for eye appeal! Thanks.

      1. I use whatever wine I've opened for dinner. If we're not having wine, I use dry vermouth. It doesn't spoil on the shelf and adds a light flowery note.

        1. Dry vermouth is excellent for de-glazing. I always keep a bottle around so i don’t have to open wine. I also use Oloroso Sherry a fair bit, Brandy or Cognac from time to time and vodka when i don’t want much flavor but would like to get to those alcohol soluble flavors (watch for flames though). Cider vinegar is also great to de-glaze (as is sherry vinegar for that matter) but they have their own character. My two-cents

          1. I had never thought to use any other alcohol to de-glaze. Makes me sad to know I threw away a whole bottle of vermouth, thinking it was bad after a year (>.<).