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750 ML, South Pasadena

Drove by, saw the signage. It's on Mission across the railroad tracks from Buster's. From the name, sounds like it'll be a wine bar. Does anyone know anything about this place? When it's opening? A quick google turned up a wine bar with the same name in Oregon, does anyone know if it's related?

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  1. I'm not sure if it's the same one, but I know that Cobras and Matadors owner Steven Arroyo was planning a wine bar in South Pasadena. He had a different name for it, but it could have changed.

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      Here is Steve Arroyo's abc licensing info.
      If this is the address of the site you saw, it shows that the application is not active yet, but under construction only.
      Steve has no Oregon-based operations that I am aware of.

    2. I love Cobras and Matadors, and is one of my favorite local places. I hope 750ML invokes at least some of the same atmosphere of fun and revelry for my Pasadena friends.

      1. He does operate a Cobras and Matadors in Portland so it is probably the same guy.

        1. They opened this weekend. Anyone been there yet?

          1. My inside contact at the So Pas City hall says he thinks its a Tapas bar, if it was a wine bar there would have needed to have a CUP (some planning term), and there has not been one yet.

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              Recently noted on Eater LA re status of 750ml. http://la.eater.com/archives/2007/03/...

              (Planese: A CUP is a conditional use permit, generally required by local jurisdictions for on- of off-site sale of alcoholic beverages in association with the general use of the property, e.g., restaurant, market, wine store, 7-11; usually involves review, possible public hearing, and approval by the City decision-making body or administrator (filing an application does not guarantee approval or being granted the permit).

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                plus south pasadena has nothing better to do...that's why they drove the culinary school out of the city...why do they need a CUP unless they are selling bottles retail....a wine bar shouldn't need a CUP

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                  Many jurisdictions require a separate CU for alcohol sales, regardless of sale for on- or off-site consumption, not at all unusual...i assumed based on rantsnraves. post that they needed the CU for beverage, tho' could have been for other reasons,..dunno, but they opened shortly after these april posts, so didn't seem to be an issue....and immediately received mostly negative reviews by this board and others...service and food (and the faux pas of no bread. what's up with that ;-6.)..based on unospice's post below, appears there is still room for improvement.

            2. So, HAS anyone tried it? Reviews please!!!

              BTW, it turned up in Daily Candy today...http://www.dailycandy.com/article.jsp...

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                I saw it on Daily Candy too... they tend to be trustworthy and pretty accurate on their reviews. I can't wait to try 750ml.

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                  Yeah, but Daily Candy doesn't do reviews. They basically just feature whatever is new or interesting, whether they have tried it or not.

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                  Eater posted something today, and they seemed to like it, but it's only three days old. I like Cobras and all, but too often find the service lacking and the food mediocre, so I wonder how this place will fare. Especially with another French bistro a half block away.


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                    the food and wine are probably more contemporary than a mostly traditional BISTRO DE LA GARE...so far. don't think it's the same crowd.

                3. New CH post: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/388656

                  Doesn't sound promising, but I still might check it out myself...

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                    Went there last night. Nauseating start: Chef and buddies sitting in front (on railing) smoking, then promptly returned to open kitchen and dug hands into bowls of food prep. Next was the presentation of the menu, which, according to smoking chef, changes nightly. My friend and I ordered the beef tartare, in hopes of an attractive plate with delicately sliced beef and accouterments. Instead, we were presented with a jellied mound consisiting of a VERY BIG amount of dijon, with little pink rectangles. The effect: Alpo and a nice half bagel on the side. On the bright side, the wine selection was interesting, and they apparently read the CH review as breadsticks are now provided to all tables.

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                      That sounds really bad. Smoking out front is just no class. Your beef tartare sounds horrible--but Alpo, that's funny! I don't think I need to be wasting my money there any time soon.

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                      I called last Thursday for a reservation, left a message on their voicemail, and never got a call back. So between that and the pans here, my interest in this place is over. I'm done.

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                        strange because both la times review and j gold seemed to quite like it.

                        maybe growing pains and they still have to get up to speed.

                        or maybe they like the whole cigarette deal-y since it reminds them of france.

                    3. great wine and baby artichokes but had to beg for breadsticks and plead for dessert - no luck with the latter...seriously starving service and an overdose of attitude problems - don't try this place for romance!

                      1. For a restaurant named after liquid content of a bottle of wine, 750ML has a very limited and mediocre wine list. I was thoroughly disappointed. Menu selection is limited, serving is small true to "tapas" style but too expensive at $20 a pop. It needs a lot of sub $10 or low teen items. I will visit again in six month so 750ML can work out all of the kinks. So far, dinner only.

                        1. Maybe it took them time to get their bearings, but we had our first meal at 750ml last week (late June) and it was spectacular.

                          The service was attentive and very friendly -- from waitress to sommelier to bussers. The "lack of bread" many have complained about didn't make any sense to us: the breadsticks aren't some lame hard sticks, they ARE bread. Plump, delicious on their own and perfect for mopping up sauces. We're big eaters, so we were nervous about portion sizes based on reviews on blogs, but the portions were perfect for a 3 course meal and a bottle of El Huique Riserva Cab from Chile (2001). We left delightfully satisfied. Again, maybe they've changed since spring.

                          The only thing that wasn't great was the too-salty pastry of the pear tart. However, the pear was so unbelievably flavored and textured, that I'd order it again anyway. We're hopping on the train in Pasadena to head there again this weekend.

                          1. If you want to feel angry about arrogant negligent service and less than mediocre food this is your place. We were seated at 7:00 pm and saw the waiter for the first time at 7:20. He announced that 25% of the main course selections were no longer available. When asked for bread he brought—after a lengthy wait—breadsticks reminicent me of my 95 year old mother-in-law's favorite place the Olive Garden. All main courses were cold and the rabbit main course dried out. We could have mentioned this to the waiter if he had ever asked. Left us all feeling angry and ripped off.

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                              What a let down....should have read the blogs /reviews before going there. The place looked busy and being a local I was curious. I do not drink alcohol so I will comment on the food and service factor. We arrived early, before 7:00 with no reservation so we opted to sit inside. It is extremely noisy even if it is not filled to capacity (poor acoustics, lots of glass and cement). The service was really not all that great considering the prices they charge. The actual waiter was not very attentive. With so few items on the menu you would think they'd be really good...not the case. Ordered the two way lamb(when the dish actually arrives you wonder what the heck with the dumb name!) The lamb was a very small end piece that was wrapped with string, had too much fat and was too raw after cutting in to it. Part of it was inedible! Too many onions for vegetables but I ate them anyway because I was so hungry! Also ordered the halibut, the sauce was okay----the flavor was too mild. I was hoping to taste some fresh herbs, something zippy, citrus, wine etc but was sorely disappointed!! Will not be dining there again!

                            2. worst wine bar ever. seriously. just spectacularly awful.

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                                As a local resident, I had really been looking forward to dining at 750 for the first time. My husband and I went there last night for his birthday dinner -- granted it was a Monday night -- but what a let down! First, I was seated in front of a window that had a spider web crawling with tiny spiders in it. Not their fault and they quickly reseated us to the farthest window table -- a little like Siberia. I ordered the Heirloom tomato salad which was seasoned haphazardly -- too salty in parts and too lemony in others. I then had the braised pork and again, the seasoning was all over the place, heavy cardamom (I think) in parts and not blended with the rest of the dish. My husband had the halibut which was a dry, flavorless brick. To top it all off, all of the cheeses on the cheese plate were served too cold and I'm sorry, but I must have some carbs with my cheese and not a carb was to be found in the house. Not even the breadsticks mentioned in an earlier post. And for an alleged wine bar, our server knew next to nothing about the wines on the list. The wine selection was rather obscure too even for us wine lovers and the sommelier (if you can call him that) didn't know much more than the waitress. And all of that for $216 for two! We won't be returning there. If you want to dine well in South Pas, go to Briganti or Mike and Ann's.

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                                  I went to 750 two months ago with the idea of having dinner after wine at the bar. We looked at the menu and it looked very pricey, with very small plates. The wine was fine, but we did not dine there. IT is too bad because the atmosphere is great! BRiganti on Mission is my favorite ITalian restaurant in the area. I am from NYC and it really reminds me of authentic ITalian food..

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                                    Well, I hate to disagree with everyone but I just visited 750 tonight for the first time and it was fantastic. Actually, it was better than I anticipated. I ordered three courses: spot prawn ceviche, country terrine and steak frites. Each one with a matching wine and it was spot on. The ceviche was super smart and clean and the steak frites was the best I have every had.....anywhere. The fries were thick cut, skin on and double fried..spectacular. The new york cut was dry aged 40 days and was practically fork tender.
                                    Service however, started out a little slow but when my server found out I was serious about what I was doing, he perked up right away was very attentive and helpful. To finish I ordered three cheeses. Each one perfectly aged and presented but the plate as a whole did not live up to the standards the other three plates offered. The accompaniments just werent up to the cheese. Really good....not great. Was this young restaurant perfect..no it was not. Did it meet my expectations, absolutely. I will be back within a week to give it another go. Joaquim Splichal and Chris Meske were having dinner there so I must be on to something.....

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                                      the food there is not bad at all. in fact good. a bit pricey but still good quality. however, what got me fuming was the service. it took our waiter over 10 minutes to come and ask us if we wanted a drink. we asked for water and right when we were going to give an order for a glass of wine but he quickly walked away. 10 minutes later...he comes back with water and more attitude. then when he took our order he asked us if we wanted a bottle of wine and we said no since only one of us was drinking. he then rolled his eyes and left. i figured out why he was such a jerk (well at least a part of the reason) the guy was drunk! everytime he went behind the bar he was swilling wine. during the service i think i watched him drink 3 glasses to my one glass. i wanted to like the place but the service really was a turn off. on top of being totally annoyed the other waiter kept talking to us but not helping. every time he came over to chatter we asked for help but when we did he'd say "i'll let your server know" then walk right off. the place was a mess. i'd rather go down the street to mike and anne's any day.

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                                        Wow...thats terrible. I guess this place looks doomed unless someone cans see whats going on and sort it out. As I said, my experience was really good but there are a bunch of people here who absolutely hate the place and for locals to say that.....it cant be a good thing.

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                                        Thick cut, skin on frites? - deeply un-French, and degeulasse to me (that's French for Yucky, y'all). I think I'll stick with Bistro de la Gare, thanks all the same.

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                                      I've given the place two tries and will not be going back. The service is downright careless (what do you expect when half the waitstaff is out on the sidewalk out FRONT smoking cigs?) and the food is mediocre at best. Not surprising; Arroyo restaurants have little to do with what a diner wants, it's more about forcing a particular concept - customers be damned.

                                  2. I ate there this last weekend and I can say that this place is wonderful, reminiscent of a French Bistro. The menu is very limited, however, what they do, they do well. Additionally, there are specials that expand the menu.

                                    I would recommend the charcuterie plate that has home-made sausages. These are sausages as good as I have had in France and Italy. It also comes with a pate and artisan cheeses. Another dish I would recommend is the pork belly that is, I believe, braised and then sauteed to crisp up the skin. There were three of us and every dish that we ordered was superb.

                                    I had a chance to talk to the sous-chef and was told that the restaurant once sought to become a fine-dining venue, which explains why there are comments about the high prices. The place now has a new executive chef that is taking it in a new direction - bistro fare that I have longed for in Los Angeles. Reasonable prices and a place that is packed with customers, which speaks volumes for the direction that the restaurant is going, bodes well for the future.

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                                      Bistro de la Gare is literally less than 250 meters away. There may not be much competition from them, though, since the food at BdlG is pretty bad.

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                                        Has Kris Morningstar of Blue Velvet left for his new downtown venue yet? We ate at 750 ml recently and had a wonderful meal and wonderful service. I hope they can keep it up after he leaves.


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                                          I ate there yesterday and found out that the owner is changing the place to a hamburger joint. The executive chef and the sous chef are leaving this week. This is a shame and all the praise I heaped upon the restaurant no longer apply.

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                                            Maybe the hamburger joint will have phenomenal burgers?

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                                              ohhhhhh noez!!!! maybe he thinks burgers will bring in more people. so sad.

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                                                really not smart = stupid
                                                750 ml = wine bar does not = hamburger joint
                                                we have enough hamburger joints we don't have enough wine bars

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                                                  750 is not changing to a burger joint! The chef has been replaced with the chef from sgt. recruiter/cobras. He says the menu will be a similar, wine friendly-gastro pub style menu and will possibly include an epic burger.

                                              2. you've gotta be kidding? well, it's clear something wasn't working there. the food was pretty decent but at first prices were too high for the return and the staff was very poorly trained. maybe they're going for the burger concept like 8oz? perhaps it'll be more appropriate?

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