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Nov 14, 2006 12:12 AM

ISO Corn Chowder


I need a recommendation for your favorite corn chowder.

Anywhere in the following area codes: 213, 626, 818, 310, 323.

Thanks as always.

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  1. Curry kid says its her favorite.

    1. The best corn I've ever had at a restaurant was at "Fresh Corn Grill" in Westwood. I would venture an educated guess that their Corn Chowder might be as well; afterall, it's what they specialize in (click on the PDF "Take-Out Menu"):

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      1. re: JBC

        Yes, the corn chowder is excellent at Fresh Corn Grill. Reminiscent of the chowder at The Ivy, where (I've heard) the owner worked previously.

      2. The Ivy on Robertson, hands down. I know people are divided about the restaurant on the board but there is no beating their corn chowder. It is silky, full of corn and quite spicy. I love it.

          1. I like the one at Sonora Cafe on La Brea a lot.