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Nov 14, 2006 12:00 AM

Looking for good Pumpkin Pie on the UES

That is my assignment for Thanksgiving and I am wondering who has the best one. Choices so far include Citarella, Orwashers and Grace's. Has anyone tried a good pumpkin pie from any of these places, or other places? My preferred location would be in the 70s on the East Side. Thanks.

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  1. Two Little Red Hens, 2nd b/85th & 86th. They have a delicious pumpkin tart. (and I imagine their regular pumpkin pie would be good as well, though I have not tried it. Definitely better than Grace's, whose baked goods are very average. I've tried a few of Citarella's bakery items - better than I expected.) Call and order ahead, 212.452.0476, as they are extremely busy right before the holiday.

    1. I love the Pumpkin pie from Mitchell London at 65th and Madison. I have tasted the pumpkin pie from Grace's and it is very good, but the Mitchell London one is better.

      1. Check out Ed Levine's NY pie summary at The first 3 places he mentions are all on the UES (Yura, Two Little Red Hens, Eli's).

        1. Along with the choices above, William Greenberg is always reliable.

          1. Being eurotrash, I'm not a lover of pumking pie. However, my god-children insist that I bring them Eli's pumpkin pie when Thanksgiving nears. Their opinions (a 11yo boy and a 14yo girl) on all things, but particularly desserts, are not to be trifled with!

            - Sean