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Does 7-11 still have chilli and cheese for Nachos/Super Big Bite?

I haven't eaten one of these since high school...but I wanted to revisit my youth.

Does anyone know if they still have that chili and cheese you pump? I don't remember seeing it last time I stopped in there....maybe only certain ones have it?

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  1. Oh. My. Gawd.

    What memories.

    I used to love those nachos.

    Nachos (with chili, cheese and jalapenos), Big Gulp and an afternoon in front the Joust machine was how I spent my after-school hours ...

    How did I ever survive my adolescent years???

    Sadly, I don't believe they have the nachos anymore, but I think the Big Bite is still around.

    1. what about the toppings? I won't get the super big bite w/o it!

      1. wow....i went into a 711 after work...THEY DO HAVE THE CHILLI, CHEESE *AND* Nachos....might try this week....was going to today but I was on my way to the gym.....

        1. Sure they have them.

          What I really like are the NEW soda fountains you'll see in some remodeled 7-Elevens, where you can select your soda and flavoring syrup at the same time, and they're poured together. Diet coke and vanilla = YUM! :-D

          1. Hmm, I'm going to have to find a new 7-Eleven ... the one I've been going I didn't notice the nacho bowls anymore under the heat lamps.

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              they weren't under the heatlamp unfortunately, just right next to the "dispensing" station

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                The ones I've seen just had chips in plastic trays sealed in plastic bags -- no heat lamps. Chili and cheese come from a dispenser.

              2. At my 7-11, the chili-cheese-nacho-jalapeno serving station is conveniently located directly across from the toilet paper display. Coincidence?

                1. oh wow, yea. My family and I would go to 7-11, I would get a chili/cheese dog or chili/cheese nachos and we would all go and it by the beach in S.F.

                  I would love try it again, but I'm sure the delicious food from my memory would be disgusting to me now. I'd rather keep my good memories : )

                  1. I remember when I was young on welfare and growing up in Toronto. It was 1986 I was almost 9 years old and I was starving and we had nothing to eat. I went to a 7-11 that used to be at the corner of Dundas and Jarvis(long since gone) They had 59c or 69c Super Big Gulps I had 75c on me and I was just going to buy one of them to fill the void. As I was filling the cup I could smell the chili in the pump dispenser. A light bulb went off! I dumped the coke and I filled the cup up with chili. So I go up to the counter and I have a steaming Super Big Gulp cup that reaks of 1.3 Litres of sloppy 7-11 chili. I hid the fact that the cup was burning my hands, but I could not control the aroma. I went up to the counter fully prepared to have the cup confiscated and getting kicked out of the store. When the cashier said 65c or whatever the price was with tax, I paid and got out of thier fast. My friend, who was also in the same finacial half starving state, was waiting outside and asked "can I have some of your pop?" "Why is your cup steaming?" "What's that smell?" After I told him that I filled it up with chili I told him to run back in to get some plastic spoons. Looking back it wasn't the best food, but at the time it was gold. Not to bad for less than 3 quarters. Did it a few more times after that at various 7-11's in the city. Some clerks would grab the cup and freak out others would just let it go. I guess when your hungry you wil think of ways to get fed. I also used to get 2 for 1 coupons in the mail and the newspaper for various restaurants and I would stand by the line up wait until I would hear someone order a Quarter Pounder or something and then go up to them hand the coupon to them and ask for the free one. Who's going to refuse a sad looking 9-14 year old a free burger? Well I did have a couple of people who did, very rare though, and usually when that happened someone else in the line would overhear and offer to do it for me. One time a guy said he'd do it but he asked me to pay for the tax, in Canada we have to cover the tax on a 2 for 1, it was a slow line-up and I did have 50c in my pocket so it was worth the 35c or whatever it was

                    1. Hehe. Interesting stories. In the early 80's in Houston, we'd go there with limited money.

                      The nachos were not in bags, rather one huge container that had a metal lip that you'd pull down and the chips would collect at the opening. Then you'd take a white paper nacho holder, and you'd then fill it up with nachos and then pump cheese on it (not chili - they didn't have any) then pay for it. The price was not based on weight!

                      So! We'd make a foundation of chips around the edge and stack them in the container as HIGH as we could - about 5 times the height of the container. A balance act taking about 5 minutes to really get our monies worth -- then carefully carry it over to the cashier, pay for it. Like 99 cents I think. Then bring it over to the superman pinball machine they had there any play for an hour...

                      lol. This was my memory of 7-11 in the early 80's in Houston Texas.

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                        The 7-11 nearest our house in Lubbock had a limit of three squirts per order. I'm still mildly outraged by this.

                      2. The 7-11 near me has a sign on the chili and the cheese that says "Free chili and nacho cheese topping" but does not specify what you are allowed to put it on as a topping.

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                          Indeed! I even saw the best invention ever... a few lads came in and ripped open a bag of Doritos and hosed it with the chili and cheese! Right into the bag...

                        2. YES, at least every one around me still has the nachos with all the free toppings... my favorite thing to get when on my way home from a bar at night.

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                            They always seem to be almost out of cheese when
                            I get there after a long night, I usually stand there for 5 mins with the button pressed in while the machine is clunking around..