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Nov 13, 2006 11:34 PM

Hiroshima recs?

I'll be in Hiroshima for a few days visiting family and will have some free time to explore on my own. Any lunch recs? I've eaten plenty of okonomiyaki already, so other alternatives are welcome.
Thanks in advance...

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  1. Lucky you! If you have access to a car, then I'd hit SANZOKU ("Chicken Shack") which is pretty popular with both the Japanese & the Americans (who live nearby in USMC Iwakuni). The food is yummy (fairly large portions for the Japanese palate) and the location is off the beaten path amidst the mountains with a waterfall within earshot.

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      Thanks! Might be too far away from where my wife's family lives, but she knows this restaurant and likes it.

    2. I had a fantastic oyster lunch at Oyster Conclave, a little cafe near the center of town but set along the Kyobashi River next to Inari-Ohashi bridge (090-8062-0378). It's mostly outdoor seating (with heaters and blankets in winter), but there are a few indoor tables as well.

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        Love oysters, will definitely try to check this out. Wife says it's been around for a year or so and has a great rep.

      2. I'm in Hiroshima most of the time I'm in Japan nowadays as many of my relatives are there. Here are links to some of my eating from last year. I'll have more recs when I organize them for my trip next week.

        Tomenbou Ramen:
        Sushi Tatsu:
        Curry Boutique Key Ton:
        Kodani (for oysters and suppon):
        Here's an old post inquiring about Kanawa for oysters:

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          Thanks so much for all this. I can't stop thinking about kaki!
          Any place that you like for kaki-furai?

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            Here's a page with a small listing of places that serve Hiroshima oysters. (in Japanese)

        2. Here are a few more places I have noted in my research.

          ANAGO MESHI
          I'm just learning that anago-meshi is a famous dish from the area around Miyajima. I'll have to try this out.

          (description and photo:


          Hiroshima style ramen. There is such a thing. It's a kind of tsukemen (where the noodles are separate from the soup), that looks spicy.

          *Toshou Hiroshima Honten
          This looks like a tranquil place to enjoy a simple yet sophisticated meal around tofu.

          These are some good candidates for good washoku with an emphasis on seafood (including some sushi).

          Here are my leading candidates for sushi

          This place looks like it has a vast menu of Japanese classics and neo-Japanese twists.

          *Wine Izakaya Banzai
          I found this place last year, right near Yokogawa station, but I only peered in during the day, when they weren’t open. Then I noticed all the accolades in some food books and articles.

          This places serves specialties from Kyushu, like basashi (horse sashimi), so this might be the place for good imo shochu.

          *Wordsworth (ワーズワース)
          I came here last year with a group for a nijikai. I’m told the tongue stew here is pretty good. I remember the blue cheese mushroom gratin, which was a hit.

          Located right underneath Yokogawa eki, this place gets fantastic reviews, and is known for serving some interesting cuts of beef tongue (from the back portion of the tongue, apparently). It sells out quickly.

          This baseball themed yakitori joint serves a variety of items and do a very good job of it. I've been to the one in Midorii, but there's one in the center of town too.

          This place gets a lot of great reviews, but I'm more interested in their second branch, which they call Nouvelle Tenkou.

          This looks like a candidate for good quality tempura for a good value.

          This looks like the place for Kansai style oden (usukuchi).

          *Oden Dokoro Tanuki
          And this looks like the place for Kanto (Tokyo) style oden


          *La Mission
          I helped plan a private party here last year and was impressed with the chef. While this place is modest in appearance and prices, the chef does seem content to showcase his skills for a smaller audience. I'd like to check out his regular menu.
          (Website in English)

          This was the runner up for the party last year, but it didn't work out logistically. I haven't had the food here, but everyone who has had it, found it very good.

          This looks like the place for a good beef curry.

          This is a chain, but it still gets good reviews. Will try it if I'm nearby.

          Located out of the way, near the Hiroshima Wholesale market, this place was reviewed to serve an outstanding tongue stew.

          This yoshoku-ya looks like it has good lunch sets, especially the omu-rice, which is a specialty of the house.

          *Quarante Quatre
          This place looks good for light meals, coffee, desserts, and just plain hanging out. Besides pastries, their yoshoku-inspired menu items are suppose to be pretty good too.

          *Chou Chou
          This is a cute place for light meals and pastries. I remember the pastry portions being very generous. What caught my eye was their light meals menu, of salads and pasta and other yoshoku-type items. It’s a good place to hang out and relax.

          This place comes highly recommended for Japanese sweets.

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          1. re: E Eto

            Wow, I'm so glad I asked! Truly beyond the call, E Eto. I'm leaving tomorrow, stopping in Tokyo on the way, but I can't wait to try some of these places, to say nothing about the depa-chika shops. (They love giving the hen-na gaijin free samples!)

            1. re: alexfood

              While the depachikas in Hiroshima have nothing on the scale of the ones in Tokyo, I believe Mitsukoshi has the best one in Hiroshima. They did a major renovation last year, and it was looking good last year when I checked it out a few month after the reopening.

          2. Thanks again to those folks who gave recs. Here's a sampling of what I enjoyed in Hiroshima...
            - Gulliver Curry - This extremely small (7-seat) curry shop was pretty delicious. Curry was a little on the sweet side in a good way. Recommend bacon & eggplant curry.
            - Toranosuke - A nouveau izakaya with semi-private seating. Duck with green onion miso sauce, ama-ebi cream croquette, chinese dumplings with sesame sauce. Soy sauce-flavored ice cream for dessert! (This was a real Iron Chef move, and actually tasted great.)
            - Okonomiyaki at the Okonomi-mura building. Third time here. For those who don't know, this is an entire building full of okonomiyaki restaurants. We went to the first one of the left on the second floor; it's been my wife favorite for years. Ate off the teppan grill. Amazing.
            - Don't have the name, but it's a new touristy but delicious seafood place at the newly built "Marina" Outlet Mall. Silly gimmick is that you catch your own fish out of their little salt-water river. Reality is, fortunately, you get to eat some extremely fresh fish. Had red snapper (sashimi + the head & bones sauteed) and spanish mackerel (tataki-style).