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Nov 13, 2006 09:19 PM

Tijuana Eats

Yes, El Guero is still around. If your group eats pork you might want to think about Carnitas Uruapan. There are a lot of fairly new, trendy places in Tijuana these days. The San Diego Reader does a respectable job of covering them. Here's the link, just click on the link to restaruants and a link to Baja restaurants should be a choice

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. This thread appears to be an exiled reply to this one:

      For the sake of context, the questions posed were:

      For lunch, is El Guero still in business? Still good?

      For dinner, La Diferencia seems to be the most consistently recommended Tijuana joint on chowhound. Does it still get the thumbs up? Is it walkable from Ave. Revolucion? If not, is it safe to take taxis there? Do we need reservations?

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        The walk from Revolucion to La Differencia is a couple of miles... so you probably wouldn't want to do that. Yes, taking a taxi there is among the safest things in TJ... its located in Rio Tijuana... which is the safest, least congested part of town (within the urban area... not including the Playas area etc.,).

        Rio Tijuana is the happening area among the cities middle & upper middle class. There are several good restaurants, boutiques, jazz, blues, speak easy & nortec joints... as well as the best art galleries, the relatively impressive Cultural Center, the Country Club & other points of interest.

        In the last 15 years... I have been to TJ maybe 8 times & have never set foot on Revolucion... & had a perfectly good time.

      2. I have not been to any of the places in this article, but the NYT had an article about Tijuana in August:

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        1. re: JRSD

          Excellent, thanks! Hadn't seen that article.

        2. A few other places you could check out in TJ:

          1. Cien Anos--very good.
          2. Los Arcos--very good seafood
          3. Villa Saverios--pretty good Italian food. Very nice ambience.

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          1. re: El Chevere

            Apparently Cien Anos is out of business.... so La Differencia has become the go to place for nice Mexican food. Its not upscale in the same realm as the top places in Mexico City... but its got interesting, very Mexican decor, in a comfortable, charming, romantic setting and they do everything really well.

            They nailed my Rabbit Mixiote (which I wouldn't think gets ordered that often by the tourists.... many of whom are Mexicans living north of the border... but who wouldn't know what a Mixiote is)... that right there tells me they have every dish down.

            Also... the Crepe Cake... a very unlikely concoction is one of the best desserts we've had in the last couple of years.

            I ate at La Differencia in May... just before moving from L.A. to Northern California since I figured its probably the last time I visit TJ.

          2. According to this thread, the new Cien Anos isn't the same as the old Hacienda Cien Anos:


            Or was that thread wrong?