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Nov 13, 2006 10:58 PM

filipino food recommendations?

Karihan Ni Tata Bino came highly recommended but apparently they've closed down, does anyone have other places they like? I'd especially love a place with good pulutan (food that goes with beer), like sisig or inihaw na pusit.

(Bonus points if anyone's got the name of a good place to order lechon from!)

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  1. I would say that the best place for those meaty items is Ihawan. They do bbq, lechon (not sure about a whole pig) and the like. They don't stay open late, though, so not sure about snacking and beer drinking past 8:30pm or so.

    40-07 70th St.
    Woodside, NY


    1. There is a small filipino community at 69th Street on the 7 train. When you get off you will see Krystal's Bakery which is open pretty late and they got a buffet lunch on weekdays for around $6. Decent food for the money but nothing spectacular. On that block on 69th and 70th you will see several like Sally's, Renee's Kitchen, and

      Ihawan went downhill a bit and has seen better days.

      There is also a Krystals in Manhattan on 1st avenue and around 13th street. Across the street is also Elvie's Turo Turo which is the only place in Manhattan that I found that sells Balut. Not much feathers in them. I think they get them from Canada.

      There is also Cendrillion on Mercer Street in Manhattan north of Grand Street. I'd recommend Sally's, Renee's, and Perlas in Woodside. I still like going to Krystals for the cakes and buns. All serve a great Halo Halo too!

      1. I'd go with the Renee's recommendation. Ihawan is fine too, but I've given up on Krystal's. None of those 3 has a liquor license. I think only Perlas ng Silangan is the only one where you'll get a beer.

        1. If you go to Krystals on 69th and Roosevelt you should definitely order the sizzling sissig and bangus.

          1. Lourdess
            58-02 37 Avenue
            Woodside, NY 11377

            I tried Sally's, Renee's, Krystals, Ihawan. Out of these I think I liked Perlas the best. My filipino friends were not too impressed with Renee's but don't get me wrong I didn't have an unsatisfying meal at either of these places. I heard about Lourdess being better but its next on my list when I get a Filipino craving.