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Online organic tea merchants?

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Anyone know of a reputable website where one can order organic, fair trade teas (including green tea). TIA!

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  1. Most great tea is not Certified Organic. Teance is about as ethically and environmentally sound as tea gets. All their tea comes from small farmers who are paid a fair price. Their tea is incredible as well.


    1. Thanks for the reply Morton. I was thinking that this would make a nice holiday gift for a friend who adheres strictly to organic and fair trade products.

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        Read the FAQs on the Teance web site:


        The man is insane when it comes to tea. But his obsession is reflected in the quality of his products. I will never look at bagged teas in the same way again.

      2. Republic of Tea has a catalog that I get and also, no doubt, a website. Some of their teas are fair trade and some are organic.

        1. try frontier for organic fair trade tea
          love their irish breakfast, spearment, indian green, indian white, gunpowder. . . they also have org fair trade cocoa, & a grip of organic & conventional bulk spices. stuff is fresh, prices reasonable


          1. http://www.uptontea.com/shopcart/cata...

            1. Tao of Tea here in Portland is Fair Trade Certified & carries many organic green teas!
              I've not ordered from their site, but have been to their shops & teahouses.