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Nov 13, 2006 10:16 PM

Sweet Potatoes for someone who doesn't want them "to sweet"

I have the assignment of the sweet potatoes. But, the person who requested them states "please don't put the marshmellos on". Who can blame her. She prefers them mashed and "a little butter and salt". Being Thanksgiving....surely "something" else can be added for more flavor without going overboard on the "sweetness". Any ideas? How do you fix them ?

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  1. add some heat - hot sauce, a little chipotle in adobo, new mexico chili powder
    also cumin is great with sweet potatoes, as are toasted nuts(walnuts, hazelnuts)

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      I'll second chipolte -- either a little powder, some dried chopped, or some chopped in adobo. Stir in any of those, it adds a great smokey taste.

    2. Yes, there are some interesting recipes out there and on this board for sweet potatoes cooked with chipotle in adobo and cream for a gratin; have not tried it but others on this board have loved it.

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        Nyleve posted it last year. It is a pretty simple sweet potato gratin. Peeled sliced sweet potatoes balnketed with heavy cream which has had a chipotle whirled in it in the food processor, poured over the sweets and baked until tender. I don't know why you could not mash them and use the chipotle cream and a bit of butter in them

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        1. I sometimes roast them with a little oil and salt and then top with parmesan cheese at the end. It doesn't sound like a good combo, but the result is actually really tasty and more savory than sweet.

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            I do this too - adding chunks of onion, garlic and rosemary along with the cubed sweet potatoes, s&p, for the roasting and parmesan to finish.

          2. Slice em, roast em. top with butter/salt and sprinkle a bit o' brown sugar during the ending of cooking. continue until bubbly carmalization occurs. that's it right dere.
            they never come out too sweet when i have em. just stay away from marshmellows!!!


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              I do this too, but roast them with some cloves of garlic. My family loves sweet potatoes and garlic and just a little brown sugar makes them sweet, but not too sweet.