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Sayulita, and kid-friendly

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We three families, each with a toddler, traveled to Sayulita. Here's what we found:

Almost everything in Sayulita is kid-friendly. There are a few white-tablecloth places, but they are easy to avoid. Most restaurants have at least one highchair, and our inflatable booster seat worked out well. The hardest thing was finding actual Mexican food, there are a lot of places with American or Continental-style menus.

The place seems to be changing fast, but I'll the places we experienced while we were there:

-Sayulita Fish Taco now occupies two storefronts on the plaza, with seating spread out in small areas on multiple levels. The Baja Fish Taco and the BFT Bowl were the two best items, a lot of the other food was bland (your call if this is +/-). However, the owner and servers are incredibly nice and this is an enjoyable place to be. Just stick to the specialty.

-Choco Banana: Great place for American breakfast, granola, smoothies as well as traditional licuados, even bagels house-made, with a few Mexican items including chilaquiles. They sell their jam, salsa and granola to take home, good if you're renting a place with a kitchen.

-Sayulita Cafe: Really excellent chile rellenos, stuffed with cheese, chicken or shrimp. All around good pan-Mexican food in pretty surroundings. The owner bent over backward to accommodate us, bringing beans and rice for the kids as soon as our large party with three toddlers sat down. We loved this place.

-Taco stand two doors down from Sayulita Cafe: Located next to the street with few tables and excellent al pastor tacos.

-La Terrazola: Right on the beach, amazing salsas, but mediocre, over-priced-food

-Costenos: Right on the beach, very good and reasonable, our favorite beach-front place. Get anything with the mojo de ajo sauce, delicious. Great pina coladas and good licuados for the kids.

-El Tigre: If you go on a fishing trip through their nephew (works on the beach), have a fish delivered here for dinner. Amazing ceviche, good mojo de ajo and empanizado, avoid the Diabla sauce, it's a travesty. And their cocktails appear to be made with grain alcohol, beware.

-The Argentine place on the plaza is good, forget the name.

-Tepoznieves: Good ice creams and sorbets, less surly than the Michaocanas place on the Plaza.

-El Bicho: Will pack lunches for day trips with advance order.

-The Muffin Lady: Makes the rounds of many of the rental properties along the beach. Great cheese pastry, corn and banana muffins.

-The Tamale Lady: Also makes the rounds, just before lunch time. Good chicken and pork tamales.

-There's a very pretty Nuevo Latino place just a few doors up from Don Pedro's, mostly outdoor seating with an open kitchen and a nice aesthetic. Interesting menu, well-executed. We had fabulous dorado with chimichurri sauce and a great tuna tartare, our daughter loved the cheese tile (like a giant cheese cracker) and corn on the cob. Recommended.

We didn't try any of the places with Continental-style menus, although Don Pedro's was regularly recommended. Also, many places don't open for the season till Nov. 1. Helpful website: http://www.sayulitalife.com/sayulita-...

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  1. We were there a few years ago. I loved the BFT fish bowl - really good. The place was very small when we were there - sounds like they've really expanded. Also liked the Argentinian restaurant - I remember they had a really salad with cabbage, walnuts, grapes and blue cheese - I now make something similar at home.

    Good report.

    1. Nice report... BTW places like Chocobanana are part of the fabric of urban Mexican life outside of the touristy areas.

      Bagels are relatively new in Mexico, but things like Hotcakes, Crepes, Croissants, French Toast (Torrejas) & Fresh Fruit with Yogurt & Granola are institutions in the breakfast scene along with Chilaquiles, Huevos... Ahogados, Al Mexicana, Con Chorizo, Rancheros... Pan Dulce, Plantains, Atoles etc.,

      1. Hey there,

        I'm planning a trip to Mexico for a group of 6 adults and 5 toddlers - Sayulita sounds like a good bet for us. where 'd you stay?

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          We are taking kids (5 yrs and almost 2yrs) to Sayulito as well... any tips on where to stay with kids? We want it to be really nice, clean and safe...

        2. We did a day trip to Sayulita 2 years ago while staying in Bucerias. Tried to attach some food photos from Don Pedro's but it didn't work. We had lunch there - really good. Afterwards our waiter provided us with chairs and an umbrella to lie on the beach and drink cerveza! A fun time.

          1. Anything new and/or notable in Sayulita or Bucerias? We're heading back again this year, children are one year older so the trip to Bucerias for a meal will no longer be so challenging.

            Also, anyone know of a market with good produce, especially fresh vegetables? Last year the pickings were slim in Sayulita, although the Sunday market in Bucerias was a good option.