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Nov 13, 2006 09:42 PM

Jayburger...anyone know its fate?

Its been closed for ages now...and the building that was being erected around it is finished...but last time I drove past it, the Jayburger stand still stood empty...I miss it...anyone know if it will ever come back to life?

Located on corner of Santa Monica and Virgil...across from Little Temple.

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  1. If you will notice, the Jayburger sign is gone. I am pretty sure that those great chili burgers and dogs are a thing of the past, least we not forget the amazing tuna melt. Smitty, Robert and Jay, thanks for all the great food and memories

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      what about the great fresh lemonade, funny to think i find about the tiny joint from a gourmet blurb by ken frank of la toque fame.

      oh, and a double Jay here is like a tommy burger with class.

      1. There was a great LA Times article about it over a year ago. The original owner's daughter had a lot to do with it. She sounds a real prize. She sued the samaritan that got the stand back on it's feet. The next nail in the coffin was the building on that corner was purchased and the new owners no longer wanted to give the daughter free storage (it was alledgedly bigger than the stand) and parking.

        Personalities aside, it was one of those weird situation where the building was owned by different people than the property that surrounded it. It made room for modification and adaptability of any kind almost impossible.

        Such a good burger, though. It is missed.

        1. I'm trying to figure out why anyone would build the entire building around the stand unless they were going to keep Jay's ... but then the building they built around it is ugly as sin anyway.

          It appeared that someone threw a torch inside the place a few months ago and I was heartened that the fire damage was repaired.

          But, still no sign of Jay's.

          1. I was always under the assumption that Jayburger would be back...since they built that other building around the stand and spared that little place...too bad. It is missed.