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Nov 13, 2006 09:18 PM

Zoma - new Ethiopian in Harlem- 113th St

This new place- ZOMA- in Harlem finally opened. It is on 8th Ave at 113th Street. At last a restaurant in the area that lives up to our hopeful expectations. It was really delicious and pleasant/

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  1. Okay, details, details: What did you order?

    1. Holy sh*t! Are you kidding me? I love ethiopian food but always have to go out of the neighborhood to get it. Massawa is ok and I never got to try Zula before it closed.

      Tell me more. How long has it been there? I was just down that way last week, didn't see it. What's the menu like? Prices?

      1. Went a few weeks ago. Am not an afficionado of Ethiopian, so I can't say definitively; but I found the food highly enjoyable. My only criticism (a mild one) is that the food was a bit over-spiced. Otherwise, it was lovely. Just what Harlem needs.

        The other Ethiopian place you can try, of course, is Awash, which is supposed to be really, really good. Never been myself.

        1. overly spiced? that means it's probably just right :-)

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            I've had my eye on ZOMA for several weeks. The place looks very slick and downtownish in appearance. I love the look. My hesitation has been that the place is completely empty each time I happen by. Next time, I'll be brave and eat in the place even if empty...

            1. re: Uptownflavor

              just to clarify: the food was over-spiced NOT in the sense of being too hot, but rather in the sense of overpowering the main ingredient. Wasn't that excessive, all things considered, but I do enjoy actually tasting the main ingredients.

            2. Hi there Gang.

              I live across the street from ZOMA and it is fantastic! I think the food is great but in the characteristic Ethiopian style they are slow. So when you go, plan to spend some time hanging out.

              The other great Ethiopian place in town is Gahnet on Mulberry between Prince and Houston. yum.

              Have some Honey Wine if you like it. If not there is this fantastic white that they: Man Vinters Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa. Good stuff.


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