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What's your favorite "on the road" meal?

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I have to travel once or twice a month and I always seek out a Japanese place. My absolutely fave meal when travelling is a bowl of good udon accompanied by a seaweed salad and/or plate of oshinko (Japanese pickles) and a really good, fruity, very cold sake.
For some reason that soup is just really comforting to me!!!

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  1. I also seek out Japanese, but I usually steer towards Izakayas or sushi.

    1. I have to confess ... my on the road trips usually consist of travelling w/ my dog to another destination, and Burger King is my food destination of choice for such excursions.

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        That's funny - this summer we stopped for BBQ wherever we could, but pulled over a little further down the road for the dog, at Burger King. On reflection, that's just sick.

        I *wish* I did more traveling to places where I could get good Japanese!

      2. If you're talking about in the car, I think I'd take a sac of Krystal's.
        If you're talking about what I look for when I get to my destination.... first and foremost. The local specialty.
        The in-laws are in the south, so it's BBQ when we're there. On the way, if we stay in Cinci, it's chili. In Kentucky, I looked for burgoo. I think you get the point.


        1. While, like DT, I like to try the local specialties, most of the time I'm travelling in the Northeast. And with so many Italians in the area, if I'm looking for a quick road meal, I look for an independent pizza or sub place, and get a meatball sub with cheese. The meatball recipes vary from place to place - some are all beef, some beef/pork/veal combinations - and the sauces are always slightly different. The bun is the most variable element; I prefer crusty over soft. Usually, the package is quick, tasty, inexpensive, and unique.

          Of course, if I was in the South, I'd be looking for BBQ, but when do I ever get that lucky?

          1. o-o-o-o-o! a good thai curry, pho, or katsudon. So comforting because the ingredients are usually very fresh, and I love strong flavors.

            second choice, a good hand-made milk shake to share. (I wish you could get 1/2 orders of milkshakes!)

            1. i have to admit,if i'm eating it in the car while driving...i usually go for fast food. and 7-11 (*gasp* i know) actually had this really good pita with cubed chicken in a spicy cajun sauce that was really good. but i can't find it very often, and its only really good when its fresh, obviously, and that doesn't happen very often. subs are good too

              if i'm stopping somewhere to eat , and not in the car, i usually go for vietnamese or thai

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                If you are on a roadtrip and need to grab something to eat in the car, I would recommend going to a Sheetz or a Wawa instead of a 7-11 (if they have those in your area).

              2. By car I always troll for milkshakes AND interesting diners.

                Roadtrips always include a stop at a quick mart for a Dr. Pepper, Werther candies, spicy pork rinds, one chik-a-stick and a blowpop. Drives my husband crazy especially if he is traveling with my mom and sister in the car. We all do it. Except my sister is Roll-o's and Sprite instead of Werthers and Dr. Pepper. My mother is no candy, but peppered beef jerky and corn nuts with barbeque flavoring and Snapple pink lemonade.

                1. Small-town diner BLT's. It is amazing how good they can be. If a BLT is on the menu of my road-food stop, I cannot resist it.

                  1. Ditto the BLTs, while actually on the road and travelling. It's hard to mess up and it's still light enough not to put you to sleep. When I get to the destination I look for the local food.

                    1. After I've been driving all day, I'm hungry for a Bloody Mary, a steak, and an iceberg lettuce salad with both French and blue cheese dressing. This is extremely unlike me - I rarely drink Bloody Marys, and I NEVER eat steak at home. (I live on take-out Vietnamese and hippie-health-food.) Must be something about sitting in a car for hours at a time. Or maybe it's thinking about farm life as I drive through the Midwest.

                      A big bowl of Pho or Udon sounds good, too, but is really hard to find in the middle of Minnesota or Wisconsin. It's a miracle if there's one restaurant that isn't a fast-food chain. Missy, where do you travel that you can find Japanese food when you stop? I should go there!