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Nov 13, 2006 09:11 PM

Any Undiscovered Pizza Treasure in R.I.?

Undiscovered by me at least?
Caserta's is a Rhode Island original that sets one example of what I might be searching for.
Great as Caserta's is, what I prefer is thin yet chewy. (I envy Connecticut). My favorite pizza in RI is Frank and John from Italy in downtown East Greenwich. Is there anything like that closer to Providence?
It's about the crust and sauce, not the toppings.

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  1. Sam's in Bristol is excellent, its been there forever and is the best pizza i've ever had,and they also have pasta!
    if your going to eat there though, make sure to call ahead and order because they take forever to give you your food if your don't.

    1. My favorite is "Big Cheese" on Reservoir Ave (rt 2) in Cranston. I think it beats Casertas hands down. Get the original cheese pizza. IMO Casertas has gone way downhill.

      1. Junction Pizza in North Kingstown (Wickford Junction). Best Sicilian/New York style pizza in the area...

        1. Although it's been years since I've been - what about Vocatura's in Westerly? They also used to have a place in Newport.

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            I had Vocatura's pizza in Westerly many years ago. I hear Norwich is better. Best were the trays they would bring out at Italian weddings in Westerly back in the day. I would gorge myself on it. Outside of Campania and Sicily and our homemade, it was some of the best I've ever had. My grandmother had a home just down the street from the orginal Vocatura bakery on Pierce St. in Westerly.

          2. I am in NYC so my pizza options are great but I often crave the pies at Pizza Works in Westerly. Especially the white pizza. The restaurant isn't all that nice to sit in (really basic and too brightly lit) but their pizzas are terrific, the gorgonzola salad is delicious and they have an extensive selection of beers.