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Any Undiscovered Pizza Treasure in R.I.?

Undiscovered by me at least?
Caserta's is a Rhode Island original that sets one example of what I might be searching for.
Great as Caserta's is, what I prefer is thin yet chewy. (I envy Connecticut). My favorite pizza in RI is Frank and John from Italy in downtown East Greenwich. Is there anything like that closer to Providence?
It's about the crust and sauce, not the toppings.

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  1. Sam's in Bristol is excellent, its been there forever and is the best pizza i've ever had,and they also have pasta!
    if your going to eat there though, make sure to call ahead and order because they take forever to give you your food if your don't.

    1. My favorite is "Big Cheese" on Reservoir Ave (rt 2) in Cranston. I think it beats Casertas hands down. Get the original cheese pizza. IMO Casertas has gone way downhill.

      1. Junction Pizza in North Kingstown (Wickford Junction). Best Sicilian/New York style pizza in the area...

        1. Although it's been years since I've been - what about Vocatura's in Westerly? They also used to have a place in Newport.

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            I had Vocatura's pizza in Westerly many years ago. I hear Norwich is better. Best were the trays they would bring out at Italian weddings in Westerly back in the day. I would gorge myself on it. Outside of Campania and Sicily and our homemade, it was some of the best I've ever had. My grandmother had a home just down the street from the orginal Vocatura bakery on Pierce St. in Westerly.

          2. I am in NYC so my pizza options are great but I often crave the pies at Pizza Works in Westerly. Especially the white pizza. The restaurant isn't all that nice to sit in (really basic and too brightly lit) but their pizzas are terrific, the gorgonzola salad is delicious and they have an extensive selection of beers.

            1. Mmmm.
              NK, Bristol and 2 in Westerly (under that Connecticut influence?)
              I should have named the topic pizza treasure in PROVIDENCE.
              Cranston however might not be too far for a pizza run.
              Keep em coming friends.

              1. OK

                I am originally from East Providence now living in NK, hence my NK rec. However I do remember a popular and delicious (though it has been years) thin crust, chewy pizza in Providence/East Side. The name is Fellini's, I have provided a link from TastRI.com that reviews the restaurant.


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                  Fellinis. If it were worth what they charge for it it would be awesome.

                2. Gourmet Pizza on Hope Street, also expensive, but nice nice cheeses, particularly when picked up hot. Thin crust, very tasty.

                  But I was recently obsessed, and I mean, OBSESSED, with the pizza bread served at the Icon Cafe in Olneyville. I have NO idea what they did to elevate it past the usual, but I personally ate about 2 square feet of it.

                  Finally, and I'm hearing you all object, but when I'm tired and cranky and bottom feeding, I crave the Steak Arrabiatta from my neighboring Ronzio. Cheap, slathered in peppery cream mystery sauce and sprinkled with hot peppers. Am I now automatically ejected from this board?

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                    Thanks for mentioning Gourmet Pizza on Hope. Some of their pies are outstanding. A bit more expensive than average, but very fresh and very large.

                    I've never had Ronzio's pizza. How is it?

                    I've got to throw out a conditional recommendation for Cisco's Pizza in Seekonk, MA, near the Target/Kohls/Best Buy plazas. Ordered fresh, the pizza is the closest to that I enjoyed growing up in a 60% Italian area of NY's Hudson Valley. Avoid the individual slices that have been sitting under the heater lamps for hours and get fresh pies only.

                    - Garris

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                      Wow...I grew up on Ronzio's. Tasted good then, haven't had it since. I should order a pie while I'm home for the holidays just for old time's sake. Not what the OP is looking for, but I also ate a lot of RI-style cold pizza strips from DePetrillo's in North Providence. Pillowy, greasy, just sweet-enough sauce, no cheese, of course.

                      1. re: a l i c e

                        (Strips should be a whole new thread).

                        Ronzio. I was a regular until one day about 10 years ago I said why am I eating this? I never figured out whether they changed or I did. Let us know what you think if you revisit, a l i c e.

                        And thanks for mentioning DePetrillos. I remember eagerly journeying to Douglas Avenue for DePetrillos pizza and strips. When that closed I went to Reservoir Avenue. That closed. Today I checked the phone book. They have retreated to West Warwick and Smithfield. What are they thinking?

                        Gourmet Take and Bake on Hope St. The ingredients are seriously top shelf so I do not begrudge their prices. It is good food. Sadly, it fails to stir my pizza cravings.

                  2. Pizza strips! Calvito's bakery makes a good, saucy and chewy strip...

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                      Here's a great guide to purveyors of RI pizza strips -- not to mention coffee milk, weiners, jonnycakes, etc.


                    2. Generally speaking, I think that Via Via (on Meeting St just off Thayer) has the best pizza in Providence. Not cheap, but worth it for the great flavor and usually a very good, crisp-chewy thin crust. I find it slightly better by the slice than by the whole pie, as many pizzas are.

                      I'm not a fan of either the Bob & Timmy's style super-thin and the Caserta style is a whole different animal. If I could find a pizzeria that serves this style on the west or south side, I'd be quite happy. I've heard good things about Tommy's on Chalkstone--anyone have any reports?

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                        I was going to suggest Via Via. I just happened to be in Newport last Thursday.

                        I had their pizza years ago and loved it. So found myself alone in a hotel room, so had it delivered.

                        It was as great as I remembered it.

                        Just the basic cheese and sauce, but oh how it hit the spot!

                      2. Try the Park Cafe in Cranston at the corner of Park & Rolfe. The pizza is brick oven NY style...so good! And you're right, just sauce & cheese is the best way to taste it.

                        It is even better than Frank & Johns's (aka Two Guys) in East Greenwich.

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                          I realize this is an old discussion, but we tried the Park Cafe's pizza today on the basis of this recommendation and were very pleased. I had never been there before, but we were in the area and wanted some good pizza (there is none at all where we live in Pawtucket.) The crust was first rate, chewy and crispy where it should be, the sauce was tasty with hints of fresh basil. If they erred in any direction, it was in being a little too generous with the toppings; we ordered half cheese and half pepperoni, and the latter half was literally covered with slices of pepperoni. All the other food we saw looked good, and the people were very friendly. It's a cute little neighborhood place. Wish we had something like it around here.

                        2. To answer celeriac, we've had Tommy's eggplant pizza - very delicious, but a thicker, Caserta-like crust.

                          Prices are really great, though!

                          A new pizza spot is opening on B'way where Nick's used to be. I'm looking forward to checking it out when they open.

                          1. Nice Slice on Thayer is good -- chewy, whole wheat crust, tasty/tangy sauce, interesting toppings, good prices. The standard tomato/basil/mozzarella is tasty beyond belief. It's not the most comfortable place to eat (weird table setups, to my mind) but that's a minor concern for me.

                            Second that about the new B'way pizza place. I hope it's good, since I live very close by, but I hope they reconsider their name! The whole "____'s House of Pizza" thing just makes me think of crappy small-town pizza. I'm very picky about this point, stupidly perhaps. But it seems worth really thinking about a name -- it's so important in the long run.

                            Yeah, I know. I need to find something else to worry about!

                            Finally -- eat.shop.jan, I love your book. I'm going to try out some new spots thanks to your recommendations. Very appealing writing style too!

                            1. Gosh localfood, thanks! That's so nice to hear. Needless to say, it was fun to make. And I'm glad you mentioned Nice Slice, which is actually in the book but which I forgot to mention in earlier posting.

                              We went to Neo Pizza on Plainfield Pike the other day. I'd heard great things such as "best Pizza in the NorthEast," but I had a cold and overall, I was not moved. But I'd rather hear corroborating or dissenting opinion, because as I said, I had a headcold and was probably not getting the whole taste. Any others who have been to Neo and have thoughts to share?

                              1. I've been to Neo's a few times and while I liked it I was kinda surprised it received such a glowing review in the projo? I've had better, currently my favorite is pier pizza in warwick. There's one in narragansett too.

                                1. We are from out of town and just happened to stop by Neo Pizza in Cranston RI we were very impressed with the food. We asked if they were going to put any of thier pizza places out near us in Neb. unfortunately they have no plans to do that. So we will have to stop by there when ever we are out this way.

                                  1. Thanks for the Frank and John's recommendation. We had a very good pizza there last night (and East Greenwich is a much more happening place than I remember)