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Nov 13, 2006 09:04 PM

Best Bread for French Toast?

Brioche? Challah? Other?

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  1. I would go with sourdough bread, as it is tough texture-wise enough to stand up to the egg/milk mixture, and the tang of the bread contrasts with the sweetness of the syrup . . . It becomes chewy and a little crunchy, which I love! I guess one could use brioche or challah - but it would be quite rich. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

    1. If you have a Chinese bakery in your area, the loaves that they produce are great for french toast. Ask to get it cut thick or uncut. They also have raisin bread.

      1. Brioche is great and what is really good is pannetone. It makes great french toast.

        1. King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread makes superb French Toast.

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            I agree with the Kings Hawaiian makes excellent french toast and you can slice it as thick or thin as you want. Ith ads some sweetness to the french toast, I don't even use syrup. I also like to use Coffee Mate Coconut Creme instead of milk. Kings has a couple of outlet stores in the South Bay where you can get the bread cheaper.

            1. re: LARaven

              LARaven, where are King's Hawaiian outlet stores located? Thanks in advance.

              I live in LA and love King's Hawaiian Bread. I can eat a whole loaf in one seating!

          2. We use challah nearly every time, soft and eggy inside, slightly crunchy outside, takes the syrup, jam or honey well. It's perfect french toast bread!

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              So much the better if a bit stale, I think.

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                Generally, I take a whole large loaf of challah and slice it the night before. Then in the morning the bread has enough firmness to work out just fine.

                Usually, I'm not a fan of french toast casseroles where the bread sits in egg custard overnight and all the slices are baked together. This method is a time saver, but the results are so different and wind up more like bread pudding. I'm not a bread pudding lover.

                But recently, I enjoyed a new version of french toast that uses ripped pieces of stale croissant soaking in an egg custard batter and then baked in the oven until warm. This was the best of time saving, crispy and creamy.