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Very fresh eggs - some green!

A friend gave me a dozen fresh eggs that are only a few hours old. I've never had farm-fresh eggs before and I'm wondering if there's anything I should know before cooking them. Also, two of them have a green shell. My friend said they are from a kind of Caribbean chicken, but she couldn't offer much more than that. Has anyone heard of these blue-green eggs?

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  1. yes, i've seen them here in San francisco at farmers markets, as well as at a gourmet grocery up in Sonoma County. There is a special name for them, and I can't recall what it is.

    1. Probably Aurocana hens or something like that...they lay different colored pastel eggs...Martha stewart raises them, or course with the pastel color scheme!

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        yes! that was the name i was thinking of. its the type of hen? very cool.

      2. I always eat green eggs with ham. :-)

        1. I've bought a lot of green-shelled eggs from a local place on Long Island - just how a particular hen lays them - enjoy the fresh eggs.

          1. Eat at least one poached. yum.

            1. Different breeds of chickens lay different color eggs. Some lay brown eggs, some white, some speckled, and the fancy Auraucana are like Easter eggs. No nutritional difference, assuming other factors are the same. The color of the yolk and the flavor vary with the feed.

              1. Well, I fried one in my new (to me) cast iron fryer with fresh pepper and sea salt. Put it on top of a piece of that no-knead bread all the nytimes readers are raving about, toasted, of course. Added a drizzle of truffle oil and chowed down. Awesome snack. I think I'm going to have to buy a chicken - the egg really was the most flavorful I've ever had. Then again, it could be the truffle oil. :)

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                  Add a little melted fontina cheese and you'll be in seventh heaven.

                2. We keep chickens for eggs and some of our hens lay blue-green eggs. These are either Araucana or Ameraucana chickens (I think the Ameraucana chickens are some kind of mutant cross). Whatever. The eggs are delicious, but not especially more delicious than any other fresh, free-range (and I really mean free-range) eggs. The important thing is for chickens to be able to eat lots of stuff - bugs, grass, leftover pumpkin pie, stale cookies, half sandwiches etc. We love our chickens and I highly recommend getting some no matter where you live. They're fun and practical pets.

                  1. The color of an egg's shell has nothing to do with taste. It's all about what the birds eat -- you know you've got a tasty egg when the yolk is a dark, intense orange.