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Nov 13, 2006 08:51 PM

Very fresh eggs - some green!

A friend gave me a dozen fresh eggs that are only a few hours old. I've never had farm-fresh eggs before and I'm wondering if there's anything I should know before cooking them. Also, two of them have a green shell. My friend said they are from a kind of Caribbean chicken, but she couldn't offer much more than that. Has anyone heard of these blue-green eggs?

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  1. yes, i've seen them here in San francisco at farmers markets, as well as at a gourmet grocery up in Sonoma County. There is a special name for them, and I can't recall what it is.

    1. Probably Aurocana hens or something like that...they lay different colored pastel eggs...Martha stewart raises them, or course with the pastel color scheme!

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        yes! that was the name i was thinking of. its the type of hen? very cool.

      2. I always eat green eggs with ham. :-)

        1. I've bought a lot of green-shelled eggs from a local place on Long Island - just how a particular hen lays them - enjoy the fresh eggs.

          1. Eat at least one poached. yum.