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Nov 13, 2006 08:49 PM

Does the negative-calorie drink Enviga burn calories and taste good?

This story says that this drink is not only calorie-free but will also speed up the metabolism and burn calories. There does't seem to be anything bad in it, only green tea, ginger and vitamins. Has anyone tried it? Digg doesn't have a food category.

There are other similar drinks are due to be sold this year. Pepsi will be selling a fruit-based, vitamin-enriched, calorie-burning drink called Tava. Another drink called Enviga will be sold starting January.

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  1. Only if you use it to wash down some fen-phen. (ha ha)

    By the way, your body burns approximately 17 Calories warming a 16 ounce glass of ice water to body temperature. Not too far behind the claims for other drinks listed in the article.

    1. Almost 100 calories burned - an equivalent of 1 hour of leisurely walk. Are they serious? Marketing execs must be on something to come up with claims such outrageous.

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        "... Marion Nestle, a nutrition professor at New York University, said the claims were based on a research study that was in experimental stages with no proof this drink would help normal people under normal conditions burn calories. 'The idea that this drink will help people lose weight is just ridiculous,' Nestle told Reuters. 'It is an example of the lengths to which companies will go to sell products.' ..."

      2. My understanding is that drinking ice cold water burns calories. Water itself is 0 calories and your body has to expend calories to bring the water to temperature.

        1. As far as not having anything "bad" in it, it is sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame K and has lots of caffeine to help burn the calories. For me caffeine is a good thing, but lots of people react badly to it. I pretty much consider all artificial sweeteners to be "bad."
          And it only burns 60-100 calories with three cans a day, so it's a pretty expensive habit.
          But if you're already drinking soda or Red Bull, it's probably better than those, since it has calcium added.
          Here's a review from a blog:

          1. Cocaine will burn calories as well. They had might as well use that for a soft drink. Wait a sec... they already did :)

            Taking drugs, any drug- to lose weight... probably not the best idea.