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Nov 13, 2006 08:37 PM

Looking for a Dining Experience in/around Chicago - staying in Rosemont

Looking to have a fun unique dinner in Chicago. Want something clean, but fun.

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  1. Not terribly unique but Gibson's Steakhouse is excellent. You can't go wrong here.

    1. Rosemont isn't Chicago.

      the only thing nearby worth eating is Paradise pup on River Road.

      Otherwise, head out to Arlington Heights, Elk Grove Village, Bensenville, Des Plaines for truly authentic Japanese izakaya joints and Korean bbq shacks.

      Don Don:
      117 Elmhurst Rd
      Des Plaines, IL 60016

      Pusan Restaurant
      1144 S Elmhurst Rd
      Mt Prospect, IL
      (847) 593-0377

      New Seoul Restaurant
      638 W Algonquin Rd
      Des Plaines, IL
      (847) 439-3720

      1201 E Higgins Rd
      Elk Grove Village, IL
      (847) 437-2222

      they're not unique if you've been to Korean restaurants, but they're certainly much more fun/interesting to me than Gibson's, which is, obviously, a chain.

      1. I wouldn't call "two locations" a chain. Gibson's is just Rush Street and Rosemont.

        1. How far are you willing to travel? What kind of food or experience are you looking for? ("Clean but fun" isn't very specific.)

          One nearby restaurant that is a steakhouse but much more (and much better) is the Black Ram in Des Plaines. This is a local gem. Everything I've had there has always been superb - the steaks, the seafood, EVERYTHING. Even the desserts are much better than you typically find. Nice folks, too.

          Rosemont has a bunch of excellent steakhouses, many of them located in hotels. I agree that Gibson's is an excellent choice, if you're looking for a steakhouse. It's in a hotel right next to the Rosemont Theater, if you're headed that way. Other highly-regarded steakhouses in Rosemont include Morton's Also, Nick's Fishmarket which is as much of a steakhouse as a seafood restaurant.

          If pizza appeals to you, the stuffed pizza at Giordano's is terrific, something you can't get back home. Many Chicagoans will argue over pizza - stuffed vs pan pizza, this place vs that place - but as a long-time resident who has tried them all, I still think Giordano's stuffed pizza is the best. Their Rosemont location is right on Higgins Road.

          One other tip - the Chicago Tribune has a website for local entertainment called "Metromix", which has all their restaurant reviews as well as complete listings that are searchable. The web address is

          1. If you will have a car, then getting to the suburban restaurants mentioned in this thread will not be an issue. To them, I would add Don Juan in Park Ridge, which is a very good Mexican restaurant.

            If you will not have a car, taking the blue line EL into Chicago will be easier then the suburban alternatives. You can get off at the Division St. stop, which will put you in the Bucktown or Wicker Park neighborhoods and there are many good, fun choices. Just run a search on this board with those names.