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Nov 13, 2006 07:56 PM

Will We Starve in Avon, CO?

My husband and I get to use my dad's Starwood timeshare for a week in 2007 and we are seriously thinking of one of the two Avon, CO locations in September. We've never been to CO other than through the Denver airport, we are not skiers but we do like to fish and to do other outdoorsy things in moderation. I cook at home but not on vacation, notwithstanding the capability to do so in a timeshare unit! Is there anywhere decent to eat in Avon and vicinity? We will obviously have a car and I anticipate that we'd go pretty far from home base in Avon to sightsee and do stuff.

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  1. There are many great food options in the area - you will certainly not starve! I would recommend doing a search for the "Vail Valley."

    Is there a particular type of cuisine you're looking for? Avon has some options, as do nearby Vail Village, Edwards, and Eagle-Vail.

    The only thing to keep in mind is that September is a bit off-season (though people do emerge for the changing Aspen leaves!), so some places may be closed.

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      We're not particular about cuisine - we like everything, although my husband tends to balk at Thai food. We love vacationing off-season and are hoping for some leaf color although it's hard to time that exactly. I don't need specific recommendations yet because it's way too soon, but instead wanted to get a general idea as to whether there's good eating - sounds like yes, so that's great.

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        There is pretty much anything you would want to eat in the Vail valley. Several previous posts can be pulled up by doing a search for "Vail Valley" on this board. The local expert is Blue Moose. You can take what he says to the bank.

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      1. There are some really great restaurants throughout the Vail Valley (where you will be).

        Beaver Creek (there is a free bus from Avon - and also to Vail for that matter) probably has a ton of very good (and expensive restaurants).

        I love Sweet Basil in Vail. Get reservations early, as it is difficult to get in.

        Otherwise, when you make specific plans, post some of your likes/dislikes here, and you will get a ton of recommendations. You will eat well, and have a wonderful time. That part of the country is really beautiful.

        1. We live in Avon, which could be called Lower Beaver Creek. The distance between Vail, Minturn, Eagle-Vail (that's not Eagle), Avon and Edwards is about 15 miles connected by I70. Check postings for the Vail Valley, lots of good ideas. Food shopping has been City Market in Avon (WalMart meat/fish is not too good, with the exception of Colmen Meats & Chicken). Now that CostCo is open near the Eagle airport, we can get good meat/fish/cheese.

          Vista in Avon (right down the street from the timeshare) can be pretty good, I stay to the apps and sides. As much as they are a pain in the ankle, Blue Moose in Beaver Creek has really good yuppie pizza. Skiiers hit Fiesta Jalisco because the quanity is large, but I don't like it nearly as much as Fiesta's in Edwards.

          The Thai at Nathan's is not too good. A couple of interesting places should have opened by now next to Walmart (I know that sounds bad) in the new building with a sod roof.

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            Last week, this SF hound went to Fiesta Jalisco and Sato in Edwards, Ti Amo in Eagle-Vail, and Alpenrose in Vail. Fiesta Jalisco had adequate but not outstanding food, big portions and menu. I prefer our local taquerias. Sato was pretty good, though quite loud. The wine list is extensive and imaginative for a Japanese restaurant, so I was surprised that our waitress had no clue about it, bringing us the wrong wine. Ti Amo was pretty good, with reasonable prices and competent service, though their Caesar salad was dismal. Alpenrose (German food) was probably the best of the bunch if you like a warm atmosphere. The food was more than competent, service excellent, and prices reasonable.

          2. Debbie--

            Avon and neighboring Edwards have some terrific restaurants. Do not miss Juniper (Edwards), easily one of the best restaurants in the Vail Valley for indelible New American fare. French Press, also in Edwards, is a wonderful French bistro serving breakfast, brunch and dinner. The Gore Range Brewery touts above average pub grub, coupled with a stellar microbrew list. Eat! Drink! is fabulous if you're looking for artisan cheeses, boutique wines, and other gourmet foodstuffs, Vista is another great spot with New American fare, and the Italian food at Ti Amo is excellent. Believe it or not, incredible sushi can also be found in the Valley, most notably at Sato, in Edwards. It's chic, sleek, and contemporary and the fish is remarkably fresh. If you happen to have an affinity for Mexican street tacos, don't miss No Se Hagan Las Bolas, in Avon.

            You will eat well.