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Nov 13, 2006 07:56 PM

Best Tasting Appetizer that is ......

Store Bought!!! Yes, shame on me, but I have a crowd coming for the holiday, and I'm looking to take some stess off. If you can't cook, and you like to do things right, what store bought appetizer is your favorite to serve? I'm looking for simple but tasty here....

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  1. Completely, or is heating in the oven fine? For heating, things that have worked for me: IKEA meatballs, Costco scallops wrapped in bacon, Costco's artichoke crabmeat dip, hummus and garlic puree from my favorite lebanese restaurant w/ pita and veggies.

    1. I agree, costco is your friend at times like these :)

      1. I'd set out a tray of smoked/cured/pickled fish, a thoughtfully selected cheese tray, variety of crackers and some dips (hummus, etc.) Maybe a few types of olives.

        Some of this shows up at our various family holidays. I would prefer it to the frozen stuff like quiches, meatballs, etc.

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          Pickled herring is a Scandanavian favorite.

          1. re: Sharuf

            True. Also Jewish. I (of eastern European ancestry, half Jewish) married into a Swedish/Norwegian family. Throw in northern Minnesotan and my in-laws' Thanksgiving appetizers include pickled herring and northern pike, smoked trout, venison sausage, pickled deer hearts, lefse, crackers, cheese and a old-fashioned relish tray. (The lutefisk doesn't show up until supper starts).

        2. If you have a good butcher, deli, cheesemonger or charcuterie in your nabe I'd do an antipasti platter. Salami, pate, ham, cheese, maybe some fresh radishes. Just slice, assemble and serve.

          1. Fine cheese & meat tray