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Nov 13, 2006 07:37 PM

Anyone knows any Xinjiang restaurant in LA? desperate!

Hello all,

I'm from China. Really miss Xinjiang's lamb "Chuai'er". Does anyone know if there are any Xinjiang restaurants here. Many thanks for reply. can email me at

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  1. real xinjiang style? no.
    Malan noodles in hacienda heights has Uighur style chicken, spicy with wide noodles.
    Yangrou chuan - you can get versions of it at Homestyle restaurant on valley (dongbei food) and at Shen yang - i believe (el monte?)

    As well, go to uzbekistan restaurant on La brea and sunset, Azeen's Afghan in Pasadena or any of the persian places on westwood between olympic and wilshire and try the kebabs and lamb dishes. You might like them.

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    1. re: Jerome

      ummm, if you are talking about Homestyle in the shopping mall catty corner from MeiLong Village, they aren't there anymore.... :(

      We went by on Friday morning and found something called "HongKong Deli." The decor is completely different.

      We are sad, very very sad.

      1. re: jenn


        that is sad and disheartening.
        just what we need = ANOTHER yuecai hong kong place.

        1. re: Jerome

          thats what my son said. He is devastated. It was his favorite restaurant in the world---he'd been going there since he was four and he is turning 9 in a few weeks.

          We think we spotted a waitress from Homestyle at Green Village but didn't realize she was there because Homestyle closed. We are thinking to go by ASAP and ask her if maybe they just moved.

          You don't happen to know any other really good northern style restaurants that serve properly thick dumplings with lamb& leeks and jellyfish and all the rest, do you?

          we are wearing black armbands in our house.........

          1. re: jenn

            Try Shen Yang in El Monte and deerfield garden in Industry or in Monterey Park.
            Shenyang Restaurant
            4909 Santa Anita Avenue El Monte

            130 S ATLANTIC BLVD
            MONTEREY PARK
            165 S HACIENDA BLVD
            CITY OF INDUSTRY
            And consider the shandong (ok not dongbei but not bad) 101 noodle express. It's not the taiwanese version of shandong jiaozi that you find at 10053 and which is refined and nice enough. Interesting that they had to change the chinese name to a homophone. The old name Lu3Wei4 Ju1 meaning braised flavor shop/residence, is the same as a famous place in ji'nan - the capital of Shandong. It's not that well known here so they changed the name to another Lu3, meaning Shandong province (literary).
            魯味居 New Name
            滷味居 Old name
            1408 E. Valley Blvd.

      1. i have traveled all over the world but uighur hand pulled noodles remain my FAVORITE food item and i haven't found it here in LA. i pretty much gave up though because i couldn't even find it in beijing. zr_joray, what part of xinjiang are you from? i visited urumqi during mid-autumn festival and some uighur friends took us to their favorite places. i wanted to die.

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        1. re: greengelato

          Have you tried the hand pulled ribbon noodles with uyghur style chicken at Ma lan noodles in Hacienda Heights?
          No, it won't be as good as in Turpan or Kashgar or wherever you went, but it's closer.

        2. I am by no means an expert in Chinese food, but I am a big fan. There's a place in Alhambra that serves food from all four regional styles (plus Taiwan if that counts as a separate one). The place is, I believe, run by Taiwanese folk so you can take that as a warning if you want. I myself don't generally like the idea of restaurants that try to be all things to all people, but the place is always crowded and the food we've had there so far was very good. To make a long story short-- they have lamb dishes.

          KANG KANG FOOD COURT: 27 E. Valley Blvd., Alhambra,