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Knife store(Manhattan preferable)

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I'm looking to invest in a new chefs knife and wondered where the best variety and or prices can be found? Tend to prefer Japanese over German but i'd like to shop around. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I like Bridgekitchenware - good advice as well as competitive pricing. Zabar's is also good - and actually may have better prices.

      1. Broadway Panhandler in SoHO

          1. Broadway Pandhandler - yes - agree about the recommendation but it is not in Soho anymore: now 65 East 8th Street, just west of Broadway.

            1. Macy's cellar... great sales...

              1. When I went to the French Culinary School in the 80's (showing my age now ) It was on Bway then it moved to a side side st in SOHO I was their a few months ago . It moved again wow. It should be called the East 8 st panhandler. Thanks for the update.

                1. Korin is a must for Japanese knife enthusiasts but it's more for pro's. Try JB Prince in midtown.