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Nov 13, 2006 07:23 PM

Anyone else like SanSai Japanese Grill?

I love Japanese food, I would eat it for every meal if I could afford to... I know SanSai isn't authentic, but I like their salmon bowl with brown rice and in a pinch, their rolls aren't too bad either.

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  1. I hate it like Poison. dunno, there are better fast food teriyaki places by me.

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      not sure what got him to say POISON....but for the money, Sansai has, I think, very good grill and sushi items. They will make their menu items to your own specs if necessary, most of the time, I'm getting the meal in about 5 minutes--no matter what it is. Once in awhile it takes longer, but people have to understand that when 30 people walk in to place an order---they ALL wont be ready in 5 minutes.At times I will go spend 3 times as much at a more refined restaurant, but for the money, not too many places that you can get a full sushi meal with salads and soup for under $12-$15. If you want cheaper---go to the mall.