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Please help! My vegetarian partner & I are going to Southern VT for New Year's

My vegetarian partner & I are going to Southern VT for New Year's, and I desperately need restaurant recommendations. We're staying in West Dover, VT and don't want to stray too far for our dinners.

I'm looking for a super-romantic place for New Year's Eve, and a place that's very 'Vermont' for the night before. We both love Italian, American, and French-style food. She's a vegetarian - no fish, no meat, no nothing, but does eat (and likes) eggs and dairy. Neither of us are particularly health-conscious eaters.

Please help! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. http://www.theinnatsawmillfarm.com/cu...

    call them and ask if they will do a vegetarian selection

    1. If you want to take drive to Brattleboro, then I suggest going to 39 Main. My husband is a vegetarian and they always have choices for him. One of our favorites is the usually on the Specials menu and it is bruchetta with all sorts of things to go on it. We just ate there this past weekend and had an amazing Gilfeather turnip bisque.

      1. 39 Main sounds great!

        But while the Inn at Saw Mill Farm looks lovely - it's not exactly what we're looking for. While most 'nice' restaturants are able to put something together for a vegetarian, it often winds up being of lower quality than what they're used to preparing.

        I'm looking for places (like 39 Main, it would seem) that are vegetarian *friendly*, not just vegetarian *accomodating*.

        1. If it's not what you're looking for, it's not what you're looking for - but the Inn at Sawmill Farm is such an all-around excellent place, that I'd venture to guess they do an excellent job for vegetarians.

          Overall I actually find a lot of the restaurants in that area really hit or miss. I've had great experiences with some one week only to have a terrible one the next week. There are not enough middle-range options, and it seems as though only the very high end places (like Sawmill) are really consistent.

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            Having stayed at the Inn at Sawmill Farm a number of times I second the idea that they do a consistently excellent job. The are part of the Relais & Chateaux group - a group with rather high standards. We were planning a special occasion dinner and called up the chef/owner Brill - had a long conversation and he created a wonderful meal for us. The "standard" dinner there is a 4 to 5 course meal. Not counting specials or special requests there are always multiple choices for each course.

            However, with that said, you are most likely too late to get a New Year's Eve reservation. Sawmill Farm is a book-months-in-advance destination.

          2. Common Ground, the Grandaddy of all vegetarian restaurants in Southern Vt., has just re-opened after some much needed lengthy repairs with in the last two weeks. It's open for dinner only, I believe, and is located at 25 Elliot St. in The Peoples' Republic of Brattleboro. The Tel.# is/was 802-257-0855.

            1. Try Ravello's in Wilmington VT. They are a very good Italian place and would probably do a very good vegetarian dinner.
              Forget Common Ground. The place is a dive, even after they fixed it up and it's 25 miles away from West Dover. 39 Main is also 25 miles away.
              I second the Sawmill Farm. They definitely would do an excellent vegetarin dinner for you. Also try the Deerhill Inn a very nice place that could also accomodate your vegetarian dinner.
              Both the last two places are definetely the two most romantic spots in West Dover.

              1. Having a second home in the area, I'm familiar with all the recs that have been made here and all of them are good. But, here goes that but, I'm curious as to how you've divined, after being open less than two weeks, that Common Ground "is a dive, even after they fixed it up". Have you been there or know some who has since they re-opened? As far as the "25 miles" goes,most people coming in to the Mount Snow area enter thru Brattleboro via Rte.9. She was talking about two nights worth of dining and I was answering her "very Vermont" query for the night before.That would also apply to dining at 39 Main, as well.

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                  As a year round resident for over 30 years and living in West Dover and commute to Brattleboro on a daily basis, the drive from here to there is 25 miles any way you drive it.
                  As far as the Common Ground is concerned, yes I do know someone who has gone since they've re-opened as they said that no amount of cosmetic paint can make the palce look good. It has been in disrepair for many years.
                  The poster stated "We're staying in West Dover, VT and don't want to stray too far for our dinners". I don't think a 50 mile round trip is staying in the area.
                  Their best bets are either the Inn at Sawmill Farm or the Deerhill Inn if they want to stay in West Dover or Ravello's in Wilmington.
                  As far as 39 Main is concerned , it is hit and miss as to when they are open. They don't seem to have regular hours. For instance, this past Friday night they were closed. If you really think 39 Main is "very Vermont", you haven't been in a "very Vermont" place.

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                    If you're COMING in to the area it 25 miles if you either stop in Brattleboro first or if you don't. That was also my only frame of reference for 39 Maine, since I never dined there. Common ground is very "Brat" ergo it is also very Southern Vermont. We've owned a place in Readsboro for over 25 years and we're there in all seasons. We also go to the Readsboro Inn which is also "very Vermont" but not very Norman Rockwell. It is, however, a solid community asset.I'm a sworn carnivore but I will check out the updated Common Ground before I hoist a few in McNeil's , another "very Vt." establishment.

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                      For what its worth....I live about three blocks from The Common Ground and had dinner there about a week ago. It wasn't amazing but the Cashew Bruger was damn tasty!

                      1. re: Harp00n

                        I agree about the Readsboro Inn. I have eaten there several times and the food is good and it is "very Vermont". (it was even "more Vermont" about 20 to 25 yrs ago also).
                        As an aside, have you ever tried coming up from the Taconic and through Williamstown/North Adams on your trip to Readsboro?
                        I usually travel that way when going down to visit my daughter who lives on the Northwest side of the Bronx.
                        It may be shorter depending on where you're coming from.

                        1. re: RichK

                          Thanks for the very useful aside Rich, I do use the Taconic whenever I visit The Cousins O'Brien in The Bronx, New Rochelle or New Windsor.My baseball cap, however, has a "B" on it and not, LOL, The Evil Empire's "NY"!
                          My usual meander is Rt. 2 from BOSTON to Rt. 100 via Colrain Rd. in to beautiful downtown Readsboro.

                          P.S. Believe me I know how "Very Vermont" The Inn was back then. Truth be told, you don't have to go back 20 to 25 years ago, all though I do:)

                      2. re: RichK

                        Replying to RichK 3 posts up:

                        With all due respect...I had dinner at 39 Main this past Friday night; they were most certainly open.

                        1. re: GG Mora

                          Well when I went by folks were trying to get in and could not open the door and no lights were on.
                          This was between 6 and 6:15PM

                          1. re: RichK

                            We must be talking about different Friday nights. I was hoping to grab a bite before a movie, and stuck my head in at @ ten after 6; the place was packed, and I ended up waiting until after the movie.