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Nov 13, 2006 06:44 PM

Italian restaurant around King

Help me impress my friends!

A friend recently asked me to track down a new restaurant called Fuggedaboutit (or similar) that's located on King St or around King St.

Anyone know this restaurant?

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  1. Hang on a have got to be kidding us right? Is this a joke? Is Allan Funt about to come around the corner and say "Smile, your on candid camera!"

    Please, stop this nonsense. You want to 'impress' your friends! This has got to be one of the absolute worst ever really really really bad excuses for a north american a la Mulberry Street italian resto in Toronto! Top 3 worst on anyones list!

    Stay away from the strip all togther. If your looking for a great northern italian resto in that area, go to Tutti Matti on Adelaide.

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    1. re: The Macallan 18

      I don't think it's Allan Funt (since he died in 1999), but it could be the Chowhound equivalent of Punk'd (Puke'd, perhaps?!).

      There are plenty of discussions about the best Italian in the City on this board (personally, I like Da Gianni and Maria Trattoria at 796 St. Clair Ave. W), but I promise you that NONE of them list the tourist traps at King and John.