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Nov 13, 2006 06:12 PM

Bix, Boulevard, or ???

Need fun lively spot to entertain couple from Manhattan, any suggestions?

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  1. The first place we always take new visitors for dinner is Boulevard. Get a table in the rear with a beautiful view of the bridge. Food is outstanding, especially anything from the wood fired ovens. They do a great job with both lamb and pork.

    1. Recent reviews of Bix are negative enough that I would avoid it:

      I like the food at Boulevard. Nothing too innovative, just reliably delicious, high-end offerings. Not sure if I would describe it as fun or lively, though I always have fun while eating their foie gras. There are better options if you want something more creative or unique to the Bay Area. Depends on the guests, really.

      1. Go to Boulevard for dinner. Bix for drinks before or after.

        1. do NOT goto BIX. had a terrible experience there last month.
          food was bland, service sucked, and it was top $$$

          1. I'm on the opposite end -- I adore Bix, always get great service, and fabulous food. At Boulevard, however, I get food that seems cold to re-warmed and mediocre service.

            My thoughts -- go to Aziza and be blown away by great cocktails, amazing food, and great service.