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Bix, Boulevard, or ???

mick Nov 13, 2006 06:12 PM

Need fun lively spot to entertain couple from Manhattan, any suggestions?

  1. r
    rtmonty Nov 13, 2006 07:15 PM

    The first place we always take new visitors for dinner is Boulevard. Get a table in the rear with a beautiful view of the bridge. Food is outstanding, especially anything from the wood fired ovens. They do a great job with both lamb and pork.

    1. Morton the Mousse Nov 13, 2006 07:46 PM

      Recent reviews of Bix are negative enough that I would avoid it:


      I like the food at Boulevard. Nothing too innovative, just reliably delicious, high-end offerings. Not sure if I would describe it as fun or lively, though I always have fun while eating their foie gras. There are better options if you want something more creative or unique to the Bay Area. Depends on the guests, really.

      1. g
        Grubbjunkie Nov 13, 2006 08:03 PM

        Go to Boulevard for dinner. Bix for drinks before or after.

        1. n
          niccole Nov 13, 2006 10:40 PM

          do NOT goto BIX. had a terrible experience there last month.
          food was bland, service sucked, and it was top $$$

          1. Carrie 218 Nov 14, 2006 12:48 AM

            I'm on the opposite end -- I adore Bix, always get great service, and fabulous food. At Boulevard, however, I get food that seems cold to re-warmed and mediocre service.

            My thoughts -- go to Aziza and be blown away by great cocktails, amazing food, and great service.

            1. k
              katg Nov 14, 2006 05:01 AM

              Love Boulevard - it's where we take NY clients and they adore it as well. Food is great, service is top notch.

              Went to Bix about 4 months ago and the food was meh. Definitely wasn't impressed as I was with Boulevard.

              1. d
                Doodleboomer Nov 14, 2006 07:38 AM

                what about kokkari? fantastic food, atmosphere, wine, and service, too!

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