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Mariage Freres tea sources in New York?

Having recently been introduced to the joys of this astounding tea in Paris, I wonder if there is a source for it in New York. I bought the mousselines, Marco Polo is what I am drinking now, and would prefer these muslin bags but also would buy the loose tea if I can find it.....I could not find any info on US outlets on their web site.

If it is not available here, does anyone have a recommendation for tea of equally amazing quality, preferably available in bags (I know, but they are easier). Thanks!

ps. For CH bound for Paris, their shops are a MUST. A whole new world for me! I wish I had brought back more than two boxes!

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  1. I'm pretty sure Dean & DeLuca carries their teas.

    1. i've seen MF tea in Balducci's.

      1. You can get some of the teas at very reasonable prices on the web, but not all the varieties at the Paris stores.



        1. There's an old thread about this. Some of it's still relevant. I agree that their tea is amazing. I brought some back from Japan last time I was there -- it's fairly easy to find in Tokyo.

          1. I love the MF Marco Polo tea.

            1. I have seen some varieties at Williams Sonoma

              1. M.Freres is great when you are in paris, for lunch as wel as the experience of buying there, but have gotten good advice, selection, and distinctive tea from silvertipstea.com in Tarrytown also houseoftea.com in Philly. Silvertips will enclose some small trial packets with your order to broaden your horizons.

                1. The Adore on E.13th between 5th and University sells them.
                  I think they were $18/can.

                  1. Not in NYC but The Cultured Cup has a good selection of MF....


                    1. Thanks, everyone. Just by chance I passed Calypso Home on Broome Street this morning. They are having a sale on boxes of MF loose teas..buy two at $20 each for 100 grams and get one 100gram box free. So 300 grams for $40. They had Marco Polo rouge but no tea sachets. Prices seemed so high, I did not buy. Will check out some fo the other suggestions offered by many of you...thanks! To anyone who has not yet sampled their teas and is planning a trip to Paris, or to Tokyo..make sure to check them out!

                      1. I found it hard to find good info on there teas so I started a blog about MF teas, I also tried to list places where you could buy them via mail order in the US. http://mfreres.com/
                        hope this helps

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                            I just brought some Marco Polo back from Paris. I brewed it tonight and I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Any tips?