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Nov 13, 2006 05:46 PM

Suggestions Needed: Birthday for 2 this weekend (read on for details)

My boyfriend and I are celebrating my birthday this weekend, and it's partially my choice. (I'm giving him a short list and he's going to surprise me by picking one from the list) Unfortunately, I'm not 100% sure where I'd like to go. I'm looking for:

- Possibly Romantic/Intimate (but not way over the top romantic) -- I'd prefer it NOT be a loud, bustling restaurant (although I know that could unavoidable)

- Midtown & below (however I do prefer downtown)

- Moderate to Moderate-Expensive

- No Japanese, Chinese, or Mexican

Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

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  1. Three places I would recommend: Veritas (New American), Fleur de Sel (Modern French), and Devi (Indian). It goes without saying that all have superb cuisine. And when it comes to atmospherics, they have a very civilized feel and a pleasing conversation-friendly noise level. Veritas and Fleur de Sel both have small dining rooms with stylish contemporary decor. Devi has unusual, elegant decor. It is a large restaurant on two levels; however, if it is the place your boyfriend chooses, instruct him to request a table in one of the two intimate, curtained alcoves at the rear of the main level or on the small, cozier balcony level.

    Enjoy and Happy Birthday!

    1. good suggestions. i would also add Blue Hill and Wallse to that mix.

      1. Jarnac was great for a quiet dinner with my wife a two months ago. Dinner was excellent, and it was very quiet. No bustle.