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Nov 13, 2006 05:45 PM

not expensive midtown dinner that says "i'm sorry we had a huge fight this morning"

i would spend the moon but we are also broke.
one of us works at GCT, the other on Madison in the 50s.
what can i get into on a monday night that we can afford, and that is nice? or at least yummy?

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  1. Could you give us a sense of what you feel comfortable affording for tonight - that would help a lot.

    1. I'd like to not go over $75 including tax and tip.

      1. try l'impero in tudor city. shouldnt be hard to get into on a monday night and you can certainly get away with $75/pp if you dont go crazy on wine. the food there is out of this world delicious. get the mushroom polenta appetizer, any of their great pastas, etc. i like their susci also.

        1. Pampano is in the vicinity (next to Smith & Wollensky's) and has lovely "Mexican influenced" food - elegant but not stuffy - might fit the bill.

          1. Did you mean $75/pp or all together?

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              Good question - I missed that ...

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                Coyote64 did say they're broke, so I can't imagine that would be $75 per person. So, presuming $75 out-the-door also includes any alcoholic beverages, it's a pretty tight budget.

                Coyote64, La Petite Auberge, on Lex, b/t 27th & 28th Sts., is not in the vicinity of your workplaces. However, I highly recommend it because the French bistro classics served there are well-prepared and delicious, service is excellent, and the cozy interior has the feel of a little inn in Brittany. They offer a 4-course prix-fixe for $25. Or, since all main courses on the a la carte menu come with a green salad, you could share a first course and, maybe, dessert. In either case, if you are careful about what you order to drink, you should be able to have a fine meal for $75.


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                  La Petite Auberge is an excellent suggestion.