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not expensive midtown dinner that says "i'm sorry we had a huge fight this morning"

i would spend the moon but we are also broke.
one of us works at GCT, the other on Madison in the 50s.
what can i get into on a monday night that we can afford, and that is nice? or at least yummy?

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  1. Could you give us a sense of what you feel comfortable affording for tonight - that would help a lot.

    1. I'd like to not go over $75 including tax and tip.

      1. try l'impero in tudor city. shouldnt be hard to get into on a monday night and you can certainly get away with $75/pp if you dont go crazy on wine. the food there is out of this world delicious. get the mushroom polenta appetizer, any of their great pastas, etc. i like their susci also.

        1. Pampano is in the vicinity (next to Smith & Wollensky's) and has lovely "Mexican influenced" food - elegant but not stuffy - might fit the bill.

          1. Did you mean $75/pp or all together?

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              Good question - I missed that ...

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                Coyote64 did say they're broke, so I can't imagine that would be $75 per person. So, presuming $75 out-the-door also includes any alcoholic beverages, it's a pretty tight budget.

                Coyote64, La Petite Auberge, on Lex, b/t 27th & 28th Sts., is not in the vicinity of your workplaces. However, I highly recommend it because the French bistro classics served there are well-prepared and delicious, service is excellent, and the cozy interior has the feel of a little inn in Brittany. They offer a 4-course prix-fixe for $25. Or, since all main courses on the a la carte menu come with a green salad, you could share a first course and, maybe, dessert. In either case, if you are careful about what you order to drink, you should be able to have a fine meal for $75.


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                  La Petite Auberge is an excellent suggestion.

            2. La Petite Auberge is an excellent choice. I would also recommend maybe Artisinal or Dip if she likes fondue. It's hard to be mad at someone when they are sharing a big pot of cheese with you.

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                Well, it's a school night so we wouldn't be drinking. I wish we could afford $75pp right now!

                I like the fondue idea, a lot. But La Petite Auberge sounds wonderful as well. Thanks!!

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                  Another good fondue option is La Bonne Soupe on 55th between 5th and 6th. More intimate and less expensive than Artisanal, although the menu and cheese selections are not as extensive.

              2. I like La Petite Auberge.

                Sutton Place is about the same distance in the other direction, and Jubilee on 54th bet 1st and 2nd also is a lovely little nook for this sort of thing. I don't know how early you get out of work, but they have a Pre-Theater menu for $25 between 5-7 pm. If you go, get the pommes frites!

                Their website: www.jubileeny.com

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                  Haven't been for ages, but remember a nice ambiance at Jubilee - and great frites, as skigirl says.