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Nov 13, 2006 05:35 PM

sushi gen omakase?

haven't heard much about omakase at sushi gen. do they offer it? is it a good idea or better to order off the menu/specials board. what price range are we looking at? thanks

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  1. Sushi Gen's OMAKASE is fantastic.
    Definitely the Best in Little Tokyo.
    Approx $50- 60 ea

    1. To get omakase, do you have to specifically ask for "omakase" directly? I had my first ever sushi bar experience there. I made a couple orders for things I had had before, but then after chatting a bit with the chef, I told him it was my first time and I wasn't sure what to order and he made some great suggestions etc.

      I guess my question is whether there is some special format to omakase, like a Japanese version of the European tasting menu, i.e. the chef has a set progression of dishes that he'll prepare for you one by one. Or if it's literally "chef's choice" at a given moment.

      P.S. A big big piece of my foodie heart belongs to Sushi Gen.

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        Actually, what you did is exactly what omakase is. While omakase means letting the chef decide what to serve, there's also a negotiation process involved, allowing the itamae to learn your likes and dislikes and tailor a menu around that. If you are a regular customer, then the sushi chef will likely know what you've had before and liked, and will offer something you haven't tried or perhaps create something completely new based on what he/she knows about your tastes.

        1. re: E Eto

          wow, i went omakase! scratch that off my list of things to do in life. :D they took such good care of me. if only i could afford going often enough to call myself a regular customer...

        2. re: amandine

          The progression of dishes varies. In the case of Nozawa or Sasabune, the Omakase dishes are prepared mostly in advance and, with few exceptions, all customers get the same. With most good sushi chefs though, the menu will change daily and ideally according to each customer. As a general rule, Omakase is Sashimi first and lighter fish followed by heavier. I.e. toro is later in the meal and uni or eel are last.

        3. Gen's at-the-bar sushi, whether ordered or omakase, is several notches above the "lunch special", as is its price, and is worth it. I'd be inclined to do omakase OTHER than on a weekday during lunch rush, (when Gen, as wonderful as it is, can be a madhouse) so you can interact with the chef, look around at what other people are eating, and take your time. . .

          (one of my favorite techniques in a sushi bar; if the chef spends a long time in discussion with another patron, particularly in Japanese, and THEN goes to work making something I've never seen before, I ALWAYS want to know what it is...)

          r gould-saltman

          1. ooh, r gould-saltman...sneaky! (but smart, and a technique I'll no doubt try...!)