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Nov 13, 2006 05:15 PM

Las Vegas Steak - SW Steakhouse, Delmonico's or other

We're going to Las Vegas in early January. Okada is in for one of the nights, and a steak place the second. SW Steakhouse, Delmonico's or another place? Has anyone eaten at SW since the chef changed? We looking for a great steak, some good seafood on the menu for non-meat eaters and a great overall experience. Thanks.


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    1. I thought SW was overrated. I really don't like Delmonico. I know that everyone recommends Delmonico but I can't understand why for the life of me. The steaks aren't that great and everything else is "off" on flavor. You'll hear a lot of people talk about Prime as well. I think it's overrated also. The steaks are decent but everything else ( sides, apps, salads, etc. ) really aren't very good IMO. I think the biggest draw there is the fact that it's on the water at Bellagio and it's a great spot to watch the fountains.

      I've said it before and this is the perfect place for me to say it again: Craftsteak at the MGM, for me, is the best steakhouse around. I've posted about it before:

      "Craftsteak is, hand's down, my favorite non-special-occasion restaurant in the city. Their beef is so good. They do grass-fed, grain-fed, and they usually have the American and Japanese "A5" Kobe. I eat there at least once a month with the same order: Kobe Tartare ( @ $22 none the less ), foie gras ( it's the best in town -- I put my reputation on it ), and the grain-fed Strip steak. Grain-fed is important. You can really taste the difference. I'll also get one side dish and that just about gives me the K.O. for the night. They do have some great desserts if you have the room afterwards. The "monkey bread" is pretty tasty and their sorbets are really well done."

      I think I'm heading there again on Wednesday.

      1. I second Craftsteak.

        I have never been disappointed. The steaks are superb. The foie gras w/ fig appetizer and proscioutto are sublime. The side dishes are the best in town and the atmosphere is right on! I can't wait until my next visit to Craftsteak!

        1. Anyone been to Gallagher's Steak House?

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            Gallagher's is okay. It's really hard for a steakhouse to distinguish itself from the others without having a signature item outside of the beef. They dry age their beef at Gallagher's ( one of only a couple places in the city that does such ), but I prefer a wet aged steak to a dry one. I didn't have anything there that was bad, in fact from what I remember it was all tasty enough but the fact that I can't really recall much about what I ate speaks volumes. I tend to remember all the great and awful dining experiences. I forget about the average meals.

          2. I've been to Craftsteak several times, as well, and I like it a lot. I thought we might try something different this trip, and I heard good things about SW and Delmonico's. Plus, we're staying in that area of the strip. Thanks for the thoughts.


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              If you want something different, I had the bone-in ribeye at Fiamma and it was fantastic! Easily on par with the steak at Delmonico. Fiamma has some of the best restaurant ambience I've ever seen, very fun place.

              I'm also a big fan of Michael Mina's food-his new steakhouse at Mandalay Bay just opened-Stripsteak. I will definitely be trying in my next time in Vegas.