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Nov 13, 2006 05:03 PM

SEA: gelato

a recent posting lauding the goodies at gelatiamo (3rd/union) forces me to remind my fellow hounds that they manufacture their excellent product to be shipped and delivered (it is available at many markets) and, therefore, add stabilizers which i think adversely affect the texture. while it is true that gelatiamo is the very best stuff you can buy at a supermarket, it pales in comparison to the superb made here/buy here lusciousness of either bottega italiana (1st/pike, just south of dilaurenti) or procopio (on the hillclimb between the market and the waterfront). either has the most mouth-tingling creaminess with the fruit flavors at bottega being, possibly, the nicest thing you can do to your palate. a plate of pear and pistachio will teach you thing or two....

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  1. I second your emotion.

    Bottega Italiana's pistachio is not fake green and gives you the full effect of gelato, letting you see why it is superior to ice cream. They also have thick, bittersweet hot chocolate. I'm just sayin.

    1. Yoghurt Gelato (not frozen yogurt, but yogurt-flavored) at Bottega. Mmm.

      (Heretic that I am, I'm still partial to Ciao Bella's Gianduia flavor even though it's packaged.)

      1. I too prefer Bottega, and I also like that their pistachio is not that fakey-food colored green (when I see that at a gelato place, red flags go up).

        1. Oh how I long for the pistachio and pear at Bottega.....I was even fortunate enough to taste a fig gelato from the same folks. Just amazing!!! Caramel is tasty too.......