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Nov 13, 2006 04:49 PM

Office Holiday Party - 50 or 60 people - Midtown (East pref.)

I am responsible for organizing my company's holiday party.

We are located in the East 40s @ Madison Ave. It's easiest if everyone can walk from work to the venue.

The usual MO is an open bar and buffet at a boring bar. I'd like to spice things up a bit this year.

The food has to be good, but can't be too fancy. The employees are not all foodies!

I'm probably looking to stay in the $60/pp range for alcohol and food. Anyone have any good suggestions?


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  1. I've never been to English is Italian, but it might be a workable option for your group.

    1. Thanks. I just saw an ad for it the other day and thought it looked interesting. Good idea!

      1. How about Metrazur in Grand Central? I've been for a private party, and it was nice.

        1. Just put in a call to them - that would be a fun venue.

          I'm curious to see what kind of pricing they give - $60 or $70 pp is hard to come by!

          1. For something a little different, what about Divine Bar? They have more of a tapas-style menu and offer flights of wine or beer.

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              I highly recommend that you do NOT use Divine Bar. We had our office party there last year and it was terrible.

              We are doing ours at Silverleaf Tavern this year in the 70 Park Avenue Hotel. The food we tasted was great, and the space is quite classy.