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All I want is a deli sandwich!

I want to walk into a deli, order ham and swiss on a roll and get ham and swiss on a roll. I want 1/2 a pound of meat, and a poppy seed roll. I want there to be a jar of whole pickles sitting on the counter. I want my sandwich and pickle to cost less than $7. In NY, I can get this on any city block. What do I have to do for a sandwich in Boston?

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  1. The back of Delucas on Newbury street is an option.

    1. Michael's in Coolidge Corner?

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        Yes! Michael's is exactly what you're craving!

      2. Sam Lagrassa's on Province St

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          A Sam's ham 'n' cheese is north of spec by $1.50, but very tasty.

        2. I don't know why. It's not just Boston, but the whole region. There are probably 3 meat slicers, total, in Back Bay, Beacon Hill and the South End combined. A drive up to the north shore is nearly devoid of places to stop and pick up sandwiches for the beach (unless you want to count Blimpie at the Hess station on Route 1). Then, if there are sandwiches at a place, it's always a fru-fru panini, or a wrap, or on foccacia and it costs 7 or 8 bucks. I'm not against fru-fru sandwiches, but there is something to being able to order a custom sandwich from a person who is not bewildered by the request of turkey and roast beef with swiss on rye. Sounds simple right? Good luck.

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            Well, North of Boston isn't a sandwich wasteland. We've got a new place in Melrose that has a great sandwich selection- The Corner Deli, near Wyoming Train Station. There are actually quite a few deli-ish places around this area.

            When I'm heading to Crane's I stop at a place in Beverly- Great Harvest, or Harvest Bread, or something like that.

            And my new love is Martha's in Danvers- fresh baked bread and Boar's Head meats.

          2. DeLuca's in the back bay. For $5.99 you can get monstrous made to order sandwiches, whatever you want. My personal favorites are the italian (ham, salami, capicola, mortadella, provolone, fixins) and a great Roast Beef. Also good deli salads (chicken, tuna, etc.). Choice of whatever bread you want--rye, pump, wheat, bulkie, sub roll....though I don't know if they have a poppy seed roll. Sadly, I think not. But the roast beef on rye is terrific.

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              I work around the corner from DeLucas and lived two blocks away for ten years. I would say it is just OK in quality and variety. It is the best the immediate are has to offer, but that isn't saying much. It definitely does not fit the bill as an everyday deli. Also, they are very inconsistent with the way the sandwiches are made.

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                I think the sandwiches are ok too, but the deli aspect of the place seems more of an after thought. And, it can be slow. There's usually only one person behind the counter. If I see a line walking in the door, I'm out of there.

            2. Lamberts on Morrissey Blvd, Dorchester. Has EVERYTHING you are looking for. You WILL get 1/2 lb of meat --sandwiches are huge. You CAN get a poppy seed bun. There IS a jar of whole pickles sitting on the counter. And your sandwich WILL be under $7 (more like 4.99 or 5.99 i think.)

              I choose a sesame seed roll from a variety of buns/rolls in plastic bins in front of the counter, get a turkey and swiss w/russian dressing, and then ask the guy to slice me up a half-sour pickle from the pickle barrel.

              Ok so it isn't Second Ave Deli, but it's a pretty reasonable substitute.

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                Speaking of Lamberts, does anyone have any experience with the latest outpost on Tremont St (near corner of Temple Place)? Do they have similar sandwich bargains there?

              2. I've bought produce at the Tremont Lamberts. They have a full deli counter..I haven't tried it or know the pricing..Boars Head products.

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                  The Lamberts on Rt 1, Westwood also has great sandwiches for about $5-6

                2. there is a place in the north end, i forget the name, on salem st, just past ernestos. it is a fruit and vegetable market w/ a cold cut (boars head only) counter in the back. they will make whatever you like, cold cuts sliced to order. quite good. someone will know the name. a huge sandwich, by the way. 6 bucks