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Nov 13, 2006 04:06 PM

Good Eats in Saskatoon

I have been wondering of late, if there are any decent restaurants an the great city of Saskatoon. I, not being from Saskatoon myself, but rather from a small town to the north,(which only has 4 restaurants, and no really good ones at that) am dying for some really spectacular eats and interesting menus.. any ideas? Or do i have to travel the 4 hours to Edmonton?

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  1. RiJaAr:

    My info is pretty dated so I am not sure how helpful it will be. During our last trip to Saskatoon some years ago the place which we enjoyed the most was Calories on Broadway south of the River.

    Up until finding it the terms "Family Restaurant" and "Greek ribs" pretty well summed up our dining adventures. Both terms now evoke laughter when either my wife or I spy them during trips.

    I know from another foodie web-site that very good things have been said about Weczeria Restaurant [ ] which I have not tried but seems to be in the same general area as Calories if the latter remains open. I think the owner/chef of Weczeria used to work at Calories.

    Let us know what you find.

    1. thanks Bob Mac,
      I was also wondering, has anyone tried Samurai? I don't know anyone who's been there, and haven't heard anything about it really

      1. I lived in Saskatoon last year and never made it to Samurai, but some people described it as "fun."

        The best two bets in town are the well known Calories on Broadway, which is just excellent every time. The Second Ave Grill in the Scotia Bank Centre downtown is also pretty good. Calories is just the right mix of value, excellent quality, good service and lacks any sort of pretense. Even with Calgary's rich dining scene I miss Calories.

        Also, the Taj Mahal a few blocks south of Calories. It's nothing spectacularly different than any other Indian place but I found the food quality to be superb.

        1. You may want to try Truffles Bistro. Their website is It's a little more challenging to find but the food is fantastic. There is also St. Tropez Bistro on 2nd Avenue. Also a small, quaint place with great food. I'd recommend reservations for both places.

          As for the Samurai, the food is good but nothing spectacular. My recommendation is to go with a group and have fun watching the chef cook at your table.

          There are decent restaurants in town - it just depends what you prefer to eat!!

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          1. re: Lam

            i'll eat just about any style food, i love trying new things tho

          2. This is a late reply, but just noticed the post and thought you might still be interested. Our favourite restaurant in Saskatoon is Mr. Rizzo's on Idlewylde. It is a very small place hidden inside a cheap looking motel which seems an oddity, but don't let that scare you off, the food is simple but uniformly delicious. Pretty basic menu but everything is very well done. The service is impeccable but a little odd too, as you feel as if you're being waited on by your uncle or nephew or someone. It's on the pricey side for Saskatoon but I never hesitate going there because it never disappoints and is always worth any extra few dollars. In my opinion, it is a far superior experience to Carver's or the Keg or the like.

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            1. re: Andrew Largeman

              Mr. Rizzo's has been around for at least 20 years. It has moved a few times too. I remember having the most amazing Greek feast at Rizzo's one night many, many years ago. Glad to hear it is still good. God bless all those great Greek-owned restaurants in Saskabush. I was just talking about another old favourite Cousin Nik's the other day.

              Makes me want an order of frajalaki right now.

              1. re: pengcast

                Actually, I'm from out of town but in Saskatoon as I write and just got back from another old standard in Saskatoon, The Granary on 8th Ave. Had not been for a few years and the meal and service were still quite good. Very comfy place.