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Nov 13, 2006 03:43 PM

Atlantic Chip Shop - fried macaroni!!

First I doubted: now I'm a believer.

Even the menu points out that it "sounds weird but is really good".

It's a giant snowball-sized sphere of macaroni, held together with something cheesy and mayonnaisey - and then battered and deep-fried!

It's so delicious. And if you smother it in ketchup it becomes kind of an interesting parody of Italian food! So amazing.

(p.s. they also have great Scotch Eggs there - which are hard-boiled eggs covered in a layer of sausage meat to resemble an ostrich egg, breaded and, you guessed it, deep-fried. Sorry, I went to college in Scotland so I do crave these things from time to time.)

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    1. Oh my god, I had something SO FREAKING GOOD at chip shop the other's simply cottage pie with macaroni & cheese on top instead of potatoes...HOLY COW, it was good. Very cheddary, nicely done macaroni & cheese. You have to try it.