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Nov 13, 2006 03:42 PM

Au Pied de Cochon OR Le Club Chasse et Pêche

One night in Montreal. Which one is better?

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  1. Both very good and quite different vis-a-vis atmosphere and what is on offer.

    I tried both during my visit in the Spring and personally I would opt for AP de C because of the good time I had there. The layout promotes a casual good time and large portions.

    However, CC et P was also excellent but more like other restaurants I have tried in terms of style and atmosphere.

    Not a case of one being "better" than the other. Just different.

    1. For a truly Quebecois type of experience, I would recommened Au Pied de Cochon.

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      1. re: eoj

        eoj, we were in Montreal this past week and gave AP de C a try. Question: If AP de C is supposed to be "Quebecois" type of food, can you explain what that square fried thing placed on top of my mashed potatoes was? The waitress explained it as pieces of the pig's foot ground up, however, it was quite unappetizing to me and probably requires a taste for it. As you broke through the outer crispy fried crust, what looked like cooked oatmeal came spilling out. I did honestly give it a try, but did not care for the taste at all.
        We did think AP de C was a really fun experience, though.

        1. re: shopgirl

          The fried cakes are made from bits of meat and cartilage and gristle that are by-products of boning out the pig's feet. Personally, I like them very much, but I could see how they would be an acquired taste. I don't think they represent a Quebec tradition so much as an approach to food that respects the animal that died and wastes as little of it as possible.

          1. re: rcianci

            Thank you for the explanation. It wasn't the taste, really, but the way when broken open, it spilled out. Like it was uncooked. Looked very much like cooked oatmeal. Should it have been cooked firmer or is this the way it is eaten?

            1. re: shopgirl

              The liquidy center would be from the collagen melting out of the cartilage when heated. So yes, I think that flowing oatmeal texture was intended.

      2. Agree with Bob Mac - choose one and make a second trip for the other. Both are worth it and different experiences.


        1. Reading about au Pie makes me want to go back there! I esp liked the fact that picard was around and in the dining scene. as a jaded new yorker it was hard NOT to ask him for an autograph!

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          1. re: uzzadazza

            I made reservations at both, torn between the two!
            First up: CC&P.
            First observation: great leather chairs.
            Shared two appetizers: oysters and risotto.
            Six oysters on the shell, each pair prepared differently: two cooked hot with cheese, two others served cold with cream and caviar, two au naturel: all delicious.
            The risotto was cooked with shreds of braised pork: luscious, creamy, al dente rice but salty.
            Two mains: surf and turf and duck.
            The surf and turf was so-so: the lobster tail was meaty enough but no great shakes; the two chunks of Kobe beef were insanely tender and flavourful.
            The slices of duck magret: soooooooooo good. The duck confit okay; also salty.
            We also shared a plate of veggies: very good porcini with baby spinach that would've been better had they not been so salty (what was up with the salt shaker that night?), creamy parsnip puree, pan- fried white beets, and cold, nutty, tasty white beans.
            Scrumptious and not too sweet kumquat tart with a buttery pastry and equally scrumptious and not too sweet brownie-like cake.
            Service was efficient and friendly all through-out.
            Overall, a good, pleasant experience but not outstanding. But it is worth at least one visit.
            AP de C, here we come!

          2. sorry, I meant this as a general reply!