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Nov 13, 2006 02:51 PM

Waterbury CT Kosher deli and other kosher delis in area

We're in Newtown looking for a kosher or kosher style deli to order some platters for a Chanukah party. We want corned beef, chopped liver, decent rye bread, etc. How's the new deli in Waterbury, and/or are there other delis within reasonable (20-25 min)driving distance from Newtown (we're right off 34 near Monroe border)to go pick up deli platters to please our NYC and LI guests (Ben's is what we get when we go to them)?


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  1. chowgirl - You may be out of luck. Good NYC style deli's are hard to come by here in CT. I do not know of any in your area. I believe I once read of one in Waterbury on Chowhounds but do remember its name. I can tell you that the Rye Ridge Deli on Black Rock Turnpike is pretty good. My wife is Jewish and was raised on NY deli and she says it is as close as you can get. There is also Crown Market in West Hartford which we used to cater an event for her family from NY. They thought everything we had was wonderful. Good luck. Jay

    1. they aren't certified Kosher, but Stew Leonards put together a nice "jewish" platter.


      1. Katz's Deli in Woodbrige, right off exit 59 on the Wilbur Cross parkway, is definitely not kosher but offers quite good kosher-style food. Both their corned beef and chopped liver are quite good. And you can make it their within 25 minutes if you don't get stuck in downtown Derby.

        If you require kosher meats, Gold's deli on the Post Road in Westport makes up very good meat and fish platters, but you'll pay for the priviledge.

        1. Crown Market is definitely Kosher. Can't tell you if Rye
          Ridge is or not. Also heard that Katz was pretty good, but we haven't tried it yet. One of these days we will. Jay

          1. The original comment has been removed