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Nov 13, 2006 02:34 PM

Chicago, the blue line, and the Jackson EL stop

Hi Hounds,

I will be in and out of Chicago for one day. I arrive in the early morngin and will take the blue line from OHARE downtown to Jackson station.

I will need to eat breakfast and lunch.

Do you have any suggestions? I don't mind short walks from a mid-point station, I am adventurous, time is not too tight.


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  1. Walk straight west on Jackson, just past Union Station, and you'll wind up here for breakfast:

    Lou Mitchell's Restaurant
    565 W Jackson Blvd

    1. Try Lula Cafe for either one, right off the Logan Square stop. Walk across the "square" (actually a circle), it's at 2537 N Kedzie. Very creative, farm fresh foods.

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        I'm not sure why you're recommending a place(lula cafe) that's so obviously quite a ways from the orig. poster's parameters

      2. Logan Square and the Lula Cafe are quite a long way from the Jackson Blue Line stop which is in the heart of the Loop. Lou Mitchell's is a fine place for breakfast or lunch, but it is a fairly long walk, a little over 1/2 mile, from the Jackson Stop., which is at Jackson and Dearborn, As a Chicagoan, I seldom have breakfast downtwon, but for lunch I would recommend the original Heaven on Seven, a Creole/Cajun restaurant on the 7th floor of an office building at the northeast corner of Wabash and Washington. It's extemely crowded at noon, but if you go there around 11 or after 1:30, there should be little of no waiting. See:

        Or, if you like middle eastern food you might try the Oasis Cafe, one of several stands in a food court at 17 S. Wabash. See:

        Wabash is 2 blocks east of Dearborn and the Oasis Cafe is about 3 blocks North of Jackson and Heaven on Seven about 4 blocks north of Jackson.

        1. Heaven on 7, Exchequer, Miller's Pub, Oasis Cafe': all on Wabash just north of the Jackson stop

          1. Lula Cafe is on the way downtown from O'Hare when you're on the blue line. Get off at the Kedzie stop and walk across the "square". Really great breakfast, seasonal, organic produce, great coffee; Lunch is great too if it works better to on your way back to the airport. I'm my opinion far superior to Lou Mitchell's. After eating, go back to the blue line and head downtown to the jackson stop or back to the airport.