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My brother and sister-in-law recently moved into the Upper East Side and I am looking for a recommendation for a gift certificate to get them for X-Mas. I am looking for something on the UES (they live on 81st and York). Something with excellent food, somewhat hip, price is not really a factor, and almost any type of food will do. Thanks hounds for you help.

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  1. Do you mean a restaurant or a shop? Certainly Eli's would be wonderful...at 81st & Third so quite convenient for them....

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      Sorry if I was vague, I was looking for a restaurant rec.

    2. You should get them a gift certificate for Spigolo, a wonderful little Italian place at 81st and 2nd. I think it's one of the most quality meals you can get in the neighborhood. If price is not a factor, Spigolo has a 6 course tasting menu for $65 a person, or $95 with wine pairings. That would be a very nice night out.

      1. I hear Ian is very nice. And I'm personally a fan of Elio's (Upscale Italian). But for a really great all around night with music and an old-fashioned supper club feel, try Bruno Jamais. It's really a unique find.

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          Ian has actually closed and Sotte Cinque has moved in.

        2. I second spigolo...great GREAT food. If they like mexican, I would suggest Zocalo...tasty.

          1. Elios is great.
            Primola is another good itlian choice.

            1. Etats Unis. One of the long-time great restaurants in New York.

              81st close to 3rd. If your brother and his wife are chocolate fans, insist they get the chocolate souffle, which is prepared specially to order (you order before everything else). It is chocolate heaven.

              - Sean