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Nov 13, 2006 02:12 PM

BYO (or not) for Anniversary Dinner - Northern Burbs or elsewhere

For our 8th anniversary (next Tuesday!), my in-laws are watching the kids and treating us to dinner. We're not big drinkers, so we thought a BYO might be a good option (we can bring something we like) but a non-BYO would be great too.

We live near Chestnut Hill, but would be willing to drive about 30 mins max in any direction.

Do you have any recommendations for a romantic and tasty meal that's not too fancy but definitely memorable?

We've enjoyed Alisons somewhat, but not as much as we hear others raving. Fayette Street Grill is good but we'd like to try something new.


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  1. I'm assuming you don't want to go into center city. If that's the case, I would suggest Alba in Malvern. Very good (and byob).

    1. We'd be open to CC, but traffic could be an issue. Let's pretend that traffic's no problem though. Any suggestions?

      1. I recommend Bridget's at 8 West in Ambler. That is one of my favorite special occasion places. It is considered an Asian/Hawaian fusion steakhouse. Odd description, I know, butthe food is amazing. Great ribeye, great fresh seafood specials. Amazing wine list and delicous martinis. I'm not sure what day you are going but it is BYO on Sundays (no corkage fee), free raw bar on Thursdays (if you want to have pre dinner drinks at the bar). Service has always been great. Everyone I recommend it to always has a fantastic time.

        1. I would also recommend San Marco in Springhouse. Excellent food and good wine list.

          1. As always, I recommend Carmine's in Narberth- the tasting menu is great & you can make reservations for it ($30 weekdays per person)

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              I like Carmine's, but I would never describe it as "romantic."

              1. re: vicarious

                well, on weekdays when it's emptier than weekends it is a nice atmosphere, but I understand what you mean. Gilmore's in West Chester has more a romantic feel, but further.