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Nov 13, 2006 02:10 PM

Meal items to go???

I am going to be in Montreal for a couple of days between Christmas and New Years. We will be travelling back home to Kingston ON via "VIA" to celebrate New Years with friends. Are their any great locations to purchase prepared portions of meals to take home that we would be proud to serve on New Years Eve? The Cheese and Pate and Terrines are easy, but I'm thinking of the next courses, like special pastas or stuffed rabbit or guinea fowl or special meat courses along these lines. I am open to any suggestions for top quality products that can be heated and served with little preparation.
We are staying at the Fairmount so would be restricted to shopping within a short taxi ride away.


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  1. I recommend La Forchetta. Have ordered from them a couple of times and was very pleased.
    They have a small eat in area also.
    Check out their website:
    They are located at 234 Laurier West (514-279-9090)

    1. Why not take the metro to station Jean Talon & head over to the JT market. There is at least one establishment that specializes strictly in game birds/meat & in places like Milano or Capital, you can also find ready to cook delicacies. And don't forget about the foie gras! One stop shopping IMHO.

      1. To make your life really easy you can shop at Première Moisson at the train station before heading into the train. They will have excellent bread, fougasse for example, perhaps some quiches, tourtières, good soup de poisson sold in bottles and lots of paté.

        1. The Park Avenue - Laurier Street nexus is your best bet.

          Laurier west of Park has Anjou Québec, with a good selection of fresh and frozen prepared dishes, most of them fancy enough for a fine dinner. Pricey but the quality is there. Just across the street, Gourmet Laurier is the place for packaged and canned goods. A block west of Park, you'll find lots of savoury and sweet take-out fare at Pâtisserie de Gascogne. The abovementioned La Forchetta is worth a visit tho' I'd suggest limiting yourself to appetizers. The other end of Laurier, between Christophe Colombe and Papineau in the East End, is another gourmet hot spot: the Le Fromentier bakery/charcuterie/cheese complex, Les Saveurs du Plateau pastry shop, butcher/caterer Le Maître Gourmet, etc.

          Back to Park. A few blocks south of Laurier, just north of Villeneuve to be precise, is Cocoa Locale, the one-woman operation with its uber-homey yet showstopping cakes (raspberry rose; lemon and olive oil; chocolate chai chile; vanilla lavender; etc.). North of Laurier, corner of St-Viateur, is Le Petit Milos (assuming it's still open; they're not answering their phone) with high-end, Greek-influenced take-out foods and packaged goods (plus the St-Viateur bagel factory is just around the corner). A half a block further north is the Nouveau Falero fish store, the second floor of which is devoted to take-out. And just north of that is Bernard Street with its Jewish bakery, superb cheese shop (Yannick) and other boutiques.

          1. Le Petit Milos it seems is no more. Milos still has the location, but I don't know what plans they have for it.