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Nov 13, 2006 02:06 PM

Opinions on Memphis restaurant?

I'll be visiting LA soon and have heard about Memphis restaurant. Can anyone give me info on the place. Good food? prices? ambiance?

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  1. It is not very popular on the board. I went this summer and actually enjoyed it - good cajun/southern fare and you get a lot to eat. But if you are only visiting LA and are limited in the number of places you can go, I would try some of the other stellar LA restaurants over Memphis.

    1. Can't say I would recommend it. I grew up on that kind of food, and this place really missed the mark as far as the flavors of good southern and cajun cooking. And the prices seem really high for what your get. Bottom line, southern/cajun fare is NOT trendy, upscale food, and the whole vibe there just seems wrong. The building is nice, though. Go for a drink after having dinner somewhere else.

      1. It's sort of a trendy / hip place (at least it was about 6 months ago).

        Food is only OK. If you go, try their fried chicken and make sure you really enjoy the color red ...

        1. Trying very hard to be trendy. Food is middling to poor. We had bad service in a nearly empty room. Entree was cold when it arrived. With so many other good places in LA, I'd avoid it at all costs.

          1. If you're looking for Southern food in LA, I'd go to Roscoe's Chicken House n' Waffles.

            If you're looking for something new, hot, and notable in LA, I'd go somewhere like Bridge, Republic, or CUT.