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Nov 13, 2006 02:00 PM

PROVIDENCE: Chicken Wing Specials???

Anyone out there know of a bar/restaurant in Providence that does weekly chicken wing specials?

10 cent wings on game night? 1$ per pound specials? you get the idea, im dyin for something like this in town!!


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  1. I think that the Green Room (a billiards bar downtown) has 10 cent wings on Sundays during the NFL season, but I'm not totally sure. I am sure that Finnegans on Empire and Westminster has all-you-can-eat wings and fries for 9 or 10 bucks, and the wings come in multiple flavors. Which sounds good until you calculate how many 10 cent wings you would need to eat to make $10 worth it and, well...

    i certainly can't eat that many wings, and I like wings.

    no idea how the ones at the Green Room are, Finnegans are pretty good, very fresh and crispy.

    1. the east avenue cafe in pawtucket has 10 cent wings on monday nights. they were closed for 6 months but just reopened with new owners who are keeping with many of the old traditions. they also now have 18 beers on tap and 69 bottled beers (I think those numbers are correct).

      The hottest and most delicious wings I have had were from Wendell's pub in Norton, MA. The wings range in spice levels from sissy to suicidal, and then the ones not on the menu- the double dares- which are hallucinogenically spicy (almost). I don't know of any specials there, though- and the rest of the menu is almost inedible. The wings though, are crisp and not "bloated" like many other wings around here can be.