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Nov 13, 2006 01:42 PM

Missing Brambles from Hanley's in W. Roxbury

Since Hanley's closed last December, I've really been missing their brambles, particularly around the holidays since they were a tradition for me. (for those that don't know, Hanley's was an old-school bakery that made these amazingly light pastry cookies filled with raspberry...yum!) I remember a rumour a while back that the new bakery that took it's place would be carrying on the recipe... anyone know anything of it? Anyone been to the new bakery? I can't recall the name. It's on Centre Street in West Roxbury.

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  1. Hi,

    Checked out the bakery last week - it's not open yet but it looks really nice inside. Seems liek they would have to be opening very soon. For some reason the name escapes me.. it's right next to the Real Deal on Centre st.. i believe it's owned by the same people.

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      Yes, that's the one... not open yet? Wow, I was by there over the summer and it looked close. I had heard that since the owners were local and knew the Hanley's peeps that they would be carrying on some of their more popular recipes... hope it turns out to be true! The holidays just arent' the same without brambles, and I hate to think I'll never again eat one.

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        The bakery is named Sugar and, yes, it's owned by the same guy that owns the Real Deal (he also owns the Brookline Spa, BTW). They are planning to carry the brambles and it's scheduled to open before the end of Nov. I was by on Friday and it looks like they could open today.

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          1. Just was at Real Deal for lunch - delicious as always & couldn't resist picking up a loaf of the gorgeous bread Sugar has in the window! Also beautiful display of cookies & pastries. Good to see it was doing a great business. I don't know what they look like but apparently they do make 'brambles'

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              Hopefully the brambles are better than the worst scone of my life that I had there last week.

              1. re: Joanie

                We went to Sugar the night before Thanksgiving... we ordred 6 brambles adn 1 loaf of pecan cranberry bread... it came to $10 and change!!! I won't be going there often w/ prices like that. I thought to myself this is no Lyndell's.. The brambles were good - nothing that I would faint over though. THe bread could have used more nuts and cranberry but it was nice lightly toasted w/ some butter. But I just thought the prices were a bit mouch....