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Nov 13, 2006 01:35 PM

Bacon in Chicago?

Before somebody moves this to the General Board let me say clearly that this is a Chicago-specific post. Can anybody tell me where they sell bacon that tastes like bacon tasted once upon a time---smoky, a little salty. bacon-y? I've tried many brands sold by supermarkets including the Boar's Head at Treasure Island but none of it has a bacon flavor. I'm now ready to start on specialty butcher shops and am asking for recommendations. Also, can anyone tell me the descriptors I should be looking for (what does "salt-cured" mean, for example?).

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  1. I like Hungarian Brand Smoked Bacon ("Kolozsvari Szalonna"), from Bende Meats in Vernon Hills. It is unsliced and comes in a 12oz. slab. You can find it at many ethnic markets around town, like the Devon Market in Rogers Park or the Greenwood market in Niles (I think CityFresh at Devon and Kedzie also carries it). You can also get it at their outlet store.

    1. Nueske produces an excellent bacon. I have purchased it at Sam's in the Marcey St. Market.