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Nov 13, 2006 12:07 PM

Best absinthe websites?

Throwing a holiday Belle Epoque party which is rapidly approaching, and I know there are a few websites online that sell genuine absinthe and figured I'd toss it to the crowd: which one's worked for you and didn't get damaged/confiscated en route? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've had good luck with Liquers de France at They sell the excellent Jade absinthes, along with Emile Pernot and the Montmartre absinthes. To guarantee delivery, order by courier--if something does happen to the courier shipment, LDF guarantees replacement (if you have it sent by mail, though, you're on your own). Courier service is fast, too, if pricey--I received my shipment in four days.

    By all means avoid Hill's and most other Czech absinthes--they're of inferior quality, frequently aren't even real absinthe, and are often priced equal to or higher than the good stuff.

    More info on absinthe vendors is here:

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      Terrific, I hadn't looked at that site! Thanks so much