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Dark, romantic, not too expensive

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Hey guys,

Been lurking this board for a while and love it.

Got a date this weekend and am looking for someplace dark, romantic and not too pricey. Hoping to keep it around or under $50-60 for two of us. Trying to avoid any place that's loud or crowded. East side, west side, doesn't really matter... Open to any kind of cuisine.

Any suggestions?



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  1. In the Silverlake area, Rambutan Thai has a nice ambiance for a date, and if you don't go overboard on the drinks, you could get out of there for around $60 total. It's thai "tapas," and while there is more authentic thai food down the street in Hollywood, the food is very good.


    1. Reminds me how perfect Bar Marmont was for that type of feel... I can't think of a place that replaces it.

      The patio at Beechwood is really nice (in Venice), food's decent and not very expensive. I haven't been to Cobras and Matadors (on Beverly) recently but given that it's BYOB with no corkage that saves you alot... on the other hand, tapas can get expensive if you order too many of them. Lou wine bar is again tapas style and not terribly expensive depending on how much you drink.

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      1. I thought of another one for you: Luna Park on LaBrea. Dark & cool but it can get loud there. Decent food , not very expensive, younger crowd.

        1. how about tasca on west third (around crescent heights)? it's a very small dining room so it feels kind of private, it's pretty new so there's no scene yet, it's dimly lit and the decor is gorgeous, the food is quite good (the short ribs are ridiculously tender).

          i'm not sure about the status on wine -- they didn't have their license for a long while, so they had a byob free-corkage policy -- might want to call and confirm that though.


          1. I think Violet fits your criteria!

            1. Try Chez Mimi on 26th near San Vicente in Brentwood. Good French-Canadian food, romantic atmosphere, moderate prices.

              1. Great, thank you for all the input!

                Will update with my experience at whichever restaurant I end up at...

                1. So I ended up going to Tasca... it was indeed kind of dark and sort of romantic, and small... though just as we got there, there was a family with a couple kids who were screaming and running around. Fortunately, they left about five or ten minutes after we got there. That could totally ruin a dinner there, date or not.

                  "Not too expensive" is subjective. My date and I got five small dishes (they recommended six) between the two of us and it came out to about $70 after tax and tip.

                  Food was good, not amazing, but pretty good. Service was great.

                  I'd recommend it to people who live around there. It looks like they're trying hard to make the place work.

                  Thanks again for everyone's suggestions!!