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Nov 13, 2006 06:59 AM

yummy healthy cheap in westwood village


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  1. native foods. maybe not cheap, but not expensive, and fits the other 2.

    1. whole foods salad bar
      that mongolian bbq can be ok if you choose the right stuff
      damon and pythias seems healthy...they have salmon and stuff

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      1. re: Xericx

        I love the Whole Foods salad bar, but it is not cheap. Those beets can be $$$$.

      2. saks teriyaki! it's in the back streets of westwood (glendon I believe?), and it's kind of a weird indoor-outdoor space with no ambience whatsoever, but they do really good chicken teriyaki, either in a rice bowl or over salad, and it's quite cheap.

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        1. re: tannazie

          I second Saks. Pretty decent food and inexpensive for the quantity. You can always get hotdogs at Diddy Riese too.

        2. I second Damon & Pythias. Build your own salads or sandwiches and add healthy sides, for very inexpensive, student-budget prices.

          Although Whole Foods' salad bar can rack up the bill, their basic sandwiches and salads in the deli and fridge area have healthy, inexpensive fare.

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          1. re: chica

            Neither whole foods or Damon+Pythia are inexpensive. Just the opposite, the bang per buck is ridiculously low.

          2. Thai House, across from the Whole Foods on Gayley, will cost about the same as Damon & Pythias and is much nicer (tablecloths) with good service. I like their mee krob (alas, fried food) but it will be healthy if you stick to brothy soups, satays, and chicken or seafood dishes. I like their curries (though coconut milk can be fatty) but their pad thai is boring though fresh. Much quieter and "grown up" than other low-to-moderate places in the Village, especially for dinner. Almost all entrees under $10, with seafood a buck or two more.